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how many CS (secret unlockable) day interactions are there with Shoichi? I've only got 3 hearts unlocked on the character screen and I'm wondering if there are more since I've got 6 or so with Jun 


There will be always 3 days on shoichi

Then the new public demo will come out in two days or a week 

In about two days (at Saturday, allways, somewhat)


The update was posted on 7th so I think it will be released publicly on 21st ( He said the update will be posted here 14 days after they have been realeased on Patreon)

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Dear WOTB... (excuse my formality, but..)
Tennis Ace is truly the best, most inviting and inclusive visual novel I've ever read/played. From the beautifully crafted introduction to the mind blowing romance scenes, I just can't get enough! Shoichi is ma boi - and he's left me gobsmacked by his adorable personality and stunning features. But one component of Tennis Ace I can't get over is the soundtrack! In fact, it's so good that I created my own custom album for it (for personal use). It's terribly underrated.

If I had a good job, I'd be throwing all my money at you, honestly!
Keep up the gorgeous work you've been doing. As soon as I get a Patreon account, I'm going straight for you! And, once you're finished with this amazing project, please do upload the soundtrack. It's exceptional.

Best wishes <3

Can you give me the real song’s name of the third song in your album please?


Just finished playing Shoichi - I'm feeling that every time I write his names,I write it wrongly in a different way 🤣 - route in this actualization and as in the previous versions,it was very enjoyable.

The game has such a good vibe that makes me feel better after playing. Not that happiness of love as the MC,tough still a very welcome one. Hope it continues being that way,as I like and enjoy it very much.

The more I play the more curious I became about a lot of things 🤣 the difference in culture is very big,starting from mine to English culture,to japanese culture...I'm basically using and abusing of Google as if there's no tomorrow to know the thing being mentioned in the game 🤣 but that's and learning! 

Also,I think you depicted very well that feeling of start of the first love relationship. I know it not exactly the same with everyone,but you put a lot of things that I myself experienced and some friends/acquaintances too. Very nostalgic 🤣

The butter in japan is which color for Shuichi think that he needs to cook it till golden?

Here the majority of the common butters are already a yellow-golden 🤔

You're a foodie or works(ed) with cooking? There are so much things related to cooking in it...some that I've never even heard before 🤣

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Can someone help me? I'm on day 15 Shoichi's route and when they were about to kiss, this happens:

What should I do please? I'm really lost right now. I'm using the Android version.

Same here, I'm using android too

Deleted post

I have the same problems too.

However .... WOTB will probably reply this post after posting his next update later.

Well, you just need to press ''Ignore'' but you will getthe feeling that we missed something  due to the error

This is an error I already fixed on my end last week but since the new demo wasn't uploaded the fix isn't out yet.

Basically, back in April I updated my Ren'Py to the latest version and that apparently broke the new Ren'Py handles JPEG images. Basically every single CG that has a JPEG file bigger than the game's internal resolution causes the game to crash. I fixed it by just changing it to .PNG and it'll already be fixed on the next demo. I'm sorry :<

Just press ignore

I just can't see with in another way other than sexual after the hand in the leg thing 🤣

Just...he made it pretty obvious that he likes to lead the way now and when MC touched his dick 🤣

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Dear @WOTB

Are you a Steins;Gate fan? 

I recently rewatched it and watched the SG Zero and I could not leave unnoticed some references(?).

First there is the name : Urushibara which is like Urushihara (hara<hare)

Another one is the fact that both Makise Kurisu and Shoichi Urata are both terrible at cooking in a way you would fear them and in both cases the main character is trying subtly to convince them to stop while they are also commenting the freeaking cooking skills with other friends.

That is all I wanted to ask!

I am following all lines and am very excited and touched and totally adore love them all. There has been put excellent work and I like the way each line progresses given the fact that the MC is more close to Shoichi then Keisuke and last Jun whom I find ADORABLE!

Keep up the good work and keep us with wet eyes.

Would not bother wetting sth else too :P 3:)

Looking forward to your update!


I can´t believe I didn´t know about this game until literally nothing.


I want to continue all the routes, see how Yuuichi's career in tennis continues, and how that affects her romantic relationship with her boyfriend.

I love that the game is improving little by little.

You have won a follower.


You do know Yuuichi is a guy... @@

It literally says there in the description"you follow the life of an 18-year old boy".

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how long till Keisuke's Route is done im so excited!!!

Edit: OMG I cant even wait for the update for Kei-Kun i want more from him, cause im starting to be in love with him right now, I want to know how long for his route update, plz can someone tell me PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should be about 2 weeks now.

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Hey! Can someone tell me where can I find all the background music used in this wonderful game? :) It would mean a LOT! Pretty please <3

I'd also would like to know if there is a collection of all the background music. I'm a sucker for music with the piano and the title music sucked me in instantly. Not to mention that I have yet to be dissapointed with the novel in general.

Well, I think everything about the novel itself is beatiful! The music used in this along with the characters individually and the story is a perfect combination for me. 

The only thing that I would point out is the orthography :( WOTB should be more careful with that.


Hey I am currently in the works of uploading all the music to youtube OST. I am gonna post it to my TA discord server. Join us there!

OMG Thank youuu <3 This means a lot


I felt what you were trying to express in this update. I relate so much that I remembered my first relationship. I was like Yuuichi when I started to feel something a friend of mine who is my boyfriend now. You really caught the feeling there!

This book is one of the best and Im really loving it! You're doing a great job!

Damn that's actually cool to see someone in the same situation.

Hey everyone i created a Tennis Ace Discord server! over 40 emotes from the game. Come join! i even got retweeted by basket himself!

I had to join, how can I get the accepted role btw?

Idk if this has been happening for anyone else, but whenever the MC gets home with Sho, on day 20, after they talk for a bit, and exception occurs in the game and I can't progress to day 21, can someone help me with this?



Just click ignore.

THATS ALL!?!?! Omg, thank you so much, i can finally continue!

Thank you!


I really like the story on this... (Especially Shoichi!) I hope to see more on the storyline on the characters past the school festival.. All in all, I love the game so far! Thank you for creating it, it kinda makes me feel better with my life... Continue on creating the game guys and girls! ;3


I had an exception problem talking about ' "New Widget" not known by ATL Transformer ', What is supposed to be happening here?


Yeah i got the same error, it happened after shoichi walks us home.

Basket has been notified and will be trying to work it out XD

Just ignore it :P

Ah, ok, thank you!

Someone who knows what the name of the piano song is in the dancing scene with the bonfire dance? I wanna practice it on the piano X3 It makes me cri as hecc XDD


oh god why did you have to make Sho's update so short...I still want to spend more time with my boi ;~;

Same with me, I really like Sho so much... I really want to see more about him in next updates too... Please continue the storyline with him... Pwease...

That wasn't actually that short XD

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Wait i just saw the new public release that took place 7 hours ago and i downloaded the game on my android device before that. Do I have to download again to get the new public release or is it automatically integrated into the game i already downloaded? If i do have to download again then will I have to start the game over? How do I transfer my already started route over to the new release?

yes you have to redownload and its best to just start over but skip through what you've seen just in case because it could mess with the coding if you try to transfer your data without knowing how or what to do. (personal experience)

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Darn it, fortunately im not too far into the game so i guess i can re download today. I was hoping to transfer the data but i dont have any experience so thats not gonna happen. TwT

UPDATE: omg turns out i can dowload the new updates onto my existing app with the older ones without transferring and I wont lose my data! Thank the lord!

Yeh renpy is good with that.

I'm having a problem with starting a new game. Every time I try it just shows test 1 through 3 then throws me out at the main menu again.

That is a mistake redownload it


Aaaaaaaah. I was programming stuff into the game late at night and forgot to remove the flag to start in the debug when I compiled a demo for the public release so you guys wouldn't have bugs. I'm sorry, I already fixed the links for the ACTUAL 0.26 version >.>


I was quite shock that when I start a new game, that scene popped up XD

Now I wanna see that scene XD

Nvm it worked

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Uuuuh why can't I download  it says sth bout copyrights and not giving permission? I am using the android app

One of the best current VN in the furry fandom in my opinion . You can clearly notice the attention , dedication , determination , effort thought and most important of all , the love that was and is being put into this VN . I´m really looking forward to the future of this VN and a great applause to the creatore of this VN ! A most play in the current furry visual novels . :3


OMG, you guys NEED to see this:

It will be in version 0.27, i think.

i think it will be in version 0.29! 0.26 Schoichi, 0.27 Keisuke, 0.28 Jun. August you see the CG's in the game. 

I think it will be muuuch later than that.

Considering that we might be getting our first Sho NSFW scene in 0.29, so...maybe 0.32?

That is just my speculation, because I didn't know if 0.26 will bring two cutscene at once.

If so, then it could be 0.29.

0.26 only brings the dance cutscene. In the end, however, Yuu asks whether Shoichi can stay overnight at Yuu's home this weekend. Maybe WOTB will make a cliff hanger shortly before it starts, as he did with Jun in the last update and Shoichi after the lost final game. *grab Pickfork*

dyanblad why you spoiler the game?!

Sorry that was not my intention. Unfortunately I was a bit too fast. I try to avoid it in the future, by the way that was a small spoiler. Sorry again

It is a later update. As I understand it, the bj comes this update and the buttstuff in a later one; but, alas, i could be wrong (they could both be for later updates)

I was gonna post this, but you got here before me XD! Btw, doesn't anybody else find it weird that both Yuu and Show look different from what they look like in the game or in other CGs? That also happens with Jun. I hope it doesn't happen with Keisuke too. I don't really like the change of style,but I guess that's just my opinion :P

True, but I kinda like the direction of style the artist is going with :3

To each their own, I guess :P

3 or 4 days left and then we will dance with shoichi in 0.26

I just got a really silly, but kinda cool idea. What if Keisuke goes to a show like X factor? Then he becomes a popular singer, how it happened to 1D.

I'm a little bit confused the stories are all happening simultaneously, or? Jun day 14 is Shoichi after 6PM out of the house, but on day 14 of Shoichi his father gave him a curfew starting at 6PM. Is that a bit different, whether the MC is with Shoichi, or is it a mistake because Jun day 14 was first written?

The different stories are happening in the same range of days, but technically, if you choose to hang out with Jun instead of Shoichi, the event with Shoichi won't happen, leading to the MC forgetting about something important to Shoichi for example, so...

It all basically happens in different timelines.


10 days left, I cannot wait!!! Even if it's Shoichi, and I like the other characters more, it doesn't matter, it's still tennis ace and that's all that matters.


plz make the tennis balls in the continue and gallery bigger because it's so hard to change slides for Android.

I knooooooow


How about this? This is how it looks like on Windows. It's a 250% size increase.



Soooo much better! Thank you, WOTB!


Hey does WOTB comment here?


He does, but not really frequently.


Good to know then :3

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Usually when he posts an update on here, he responds to some comments.


There's usually a really high volume of comments here which makes me a bit anxious and I wind up not responding to them ^^'
I do try to make an effort to respond to the more important ones

Keisuke better turn 18 soon! Gotta make that tight hare bootyhole legal! When IS his birthday, anyway? (if it's even known)

June 16. use this link for More information, any other birthday is on the link somewere

Oh, not too long until that, then. Thanks, I never even knew about the existence of that site.

I found it for 3 weeks. i check his Twitter Profile for Updates or Artworks.


This game is so good. I don't know what to say about it. I just know I fell in love with Jun. So from me kudos to the developers and the designers. 

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