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I'm getting an error on Jun's path day 14 when I try to pick the first option. Am I the only one getting that?

are you trying to use an old save?

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nah I got this vn recently

What's the error. Give us a log where we can look into.

do I just paste it here?

Yes, you can. Or you can upload it to hastebin/gitpaste.

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Seems like something got removed in the update that's why it's preventing you from loading it. Probably because you loaded a save file that contains data that doesn't exist in the current version. This requires you to start over or you can try to use an older version. 


To those who are wanting to share their excitement for this VN with other players of this game consider joining the TA discord server here!


How many days will there be for each character?

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That's currently unknown. We all hope there are many to come.


Someone know the name of the music or where can i get the soundtrack of the game? 

I love it is so emotional


I was able to extract all the music used in the game, from the games resource files. I uploaded the music to Sendspace so you can download it:

Oh my god, Thank so much <3



You are the best !

Thank you. Just like to help :)


This is my favourite of all the visual novel I play so look forward the next update!

How do you get all the cgs (background scenes) in the game

Data Mining :3 also I have them on the Tennis Ace discord server

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You can play the game like any person would do, or you can extract these from the game itself. I'm not going to show how because it's way more fun to play the game.

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Is day 26 (With Shoichi) the end of the end.... or will the history continue?

Btw i loved it, I really hope this is not the end....

I'll wait for your reply gladly

Such a beautiful game :"3

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There are many days to come. But it's unknown how many. It's not the end for sure.

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Minor Spoiler Alert: Ok so finally Kei update!!! I needed more of him... Just finish playing it and Wow it was mostly good it has amazing things i wanted to see except that minor argue and man that (beautiful scene) i was hoping to see that and like that with the flashback and all but after that it does feels pretty abrupt like something doesn't fits and it made me kinda sad and be like what? And if that wasn't enough it greet me with the message of "you have reach the end of content" so I'm asking is that all for Kei? or does it mean for now? I hope it's just for now 😅 and why on earth it says Jun XD like kei is on the screen that cute chibi sprite and it says Jun lol that was one of the few mishaps i find in this update. Oh and the 18+ warning when you enter the page is new lol 


Okay so i just finished keisuke's day 26 and if there's one thing i have to say is that ending is quite disappointing... It feels maybe a little rushed? Like, it all ends so abruptly and it leaves you with an incredible feeling of disappointment and just wanting more.. Not rlly what i expected, but oh well, can't wait to see how we manage to get out of this one

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Rly? im scared now

Edit After Playing: I have to agree with you there on part it had amazing things but yes that ending :( it has me just dissatisfied mostly? But it does makes me want more 


That's what's called a cliff hanger XD

Lol yeah. Espeially after that last and long waited beautiful scene haha

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WOTB might be in a rush with the updates. Some days are ofcourse shorter than others. Maybe you will change your mind in the coming updates ;)

this might be an odd question, but since the characters are all animals, shouldn't eating meat be illegal in this universe? i'm currently replaying it for the third time and i've only just noticed that they talk about eating meat such as burgers and steak. i would think they would mostly use meat substitutes since eating another animal just sounds immoral to me in a universe where everyone is an animal themself... i know i'm reading too much into it though. i was just wondering how all that works


There are feral, regular animals and sentient animals in this world, they probably have livestock just like us


Yuu mentioned that when victor arrives on horse back

oh, yeah, I totally forgot about this

Anyone know how to have the two first CG of the third page? 

Did the icon of the game change or it just me 👀


I have only known this since two months ago and i constantly check if theres any update every week. Love this work. 💚

You don't even know how sad I got when I reached the end of Keisuke's path... The game wasn't choices heavy, but the story was amazing and I'll be waiting for the next update!

Sounds like the calm before the storm <,<


Is there something wronh? I cannot download the game.

Sorry, it was a bit of a technical issue.

Apparently (and for some unexplainable reason), itch decided they'd be "extra nice" and would automatically check the option of making the new update files I just uploaded invisible and unable to be downloaded. Since that's not a default setting at all, I didn't notice it was like that. It should be fixed by now. Sorry for the issue.

Thanks, Itch.

Oh make sense...

Thx love this game :)

For some reason I can't download the game anymore, the download page is gone. Did you make it patreon exclusive now?

No no, I didn't. Itch just decided to automatically mark the option to make the new update files I just uploaded invisible for no real reason and I didn't notice it because... it shouldn't even do that in the first place. It's been fixed now.

i'm trying to sneak into a tiger's dms but my main character is dummy thick and the clapping of his brain cells keeps alerting the guards


I am in love with this game.  Played as far as i can with shooichi and Jun.  I want more.  When Will it be more content? 

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WOTB is trying to release some new content every few weeks. You can check his patreon for updates that are pre-released for patreons only: Patreon releases will be made public 2 weeks after release.

it still downloading, but I'm already very exciting!

I really can't wait for the next update hahaha. hope you are still doing fine and update soon.

The only thing I dont have in the gallery is the 3rd picture in the 3rd page of the gallery lol

I can tell you how to get it if you want. 

oke, how do I get it?

3rd picture on the 3rd page should be the one with Shoichi ( As of Version 0.35) To unlock this you need to choose to sleep in Shoichi's bed when you have the option. 


I wonder if it's snuggle fluff

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I have an unofficial TA discord server with currently 368 members!
Come join like minded people who also love this game~!

Can you repost an invite link? The one you commented expired.


This one is set to never expire though

Can you make it so the link won't expire? It'd be a great way so anybody that sees that message later on will have a chance to join... Like me... This one should work still though

What's Jun's medical condition?

Not explained yet

Will be the continuation of shoichi content? 

Yes basky updates the routes in order 

Is there any way to get the text or THE SONG (on a certain character's route) outside of the game? I can't understand some of it and it is somewhat important to the story, and I really want to know the text.

Do you mean, extracting the files from the game?

No, I would like to know the text of this song, because it is hard to hear in the game. It would be great if it was posted in written form, or on YouTube (like some other games do), where you can rewind or ask in the comments.


I'm not sure what you mean by "text", but from what I understood, the best solution I can think of is extracting the resources from the game, so you can access the actual song file. Here's a video on how to do it:

And the next one is for Windows:
I'm sorry if this isn't the answer you're looking for, and if so, feel free to message me back with more detail, because I'm a bit confused with what you mean regarding the "text" part.

Also, I would like to apologize to WOTB in advance if you're not comfortable with people extracting the game resources. So if you remove this comment (Which I think you can?) then I understand completely.

I think it refers to the lyrics of Kei's song. 


It is a super good story. I  have only pass Shoichi story and it was so amazing! Your characters are very good written!
Especially i like Jun, Haruki and Aki)
Soundtrack is also very  good. I hope it will be posted someday separatly somewhere. 
(Sorry if my English is bad. Hello from Russia!)

Ооооо привет. Тоже обожаю эту vn. Скорее пройди и остальные руты - они божественны! Мой любимчик - Jun) но кей-кун и шоичи тоже прерасны

прив из краснодара

Can I contact  to  you  to discuss it ?) 
And yea - Jun is top) He is close to me a little bit, because of piano and health  issues. It will be interesting.

Deleted 25 days ago

I'm just gonna say I LOVE THIS GAME this game is just beautiful and I can't wait for more staff. I want you too just continue the Shoichi story oh and Jun of course. I love two of them and I can't wait for more :3  .  And for sure I don't know what to say about this game I'm just gonna write it again I just LOVE THIS GAME. And you are doing very good work, and as soon as I'm gonna get chance to support you I'm just gonna do this without thinking.    (if I made a few mistakes in writing feel free to correct me, because I'm from Poland and I'm not good at English heh) 

The last time i think i downloaded this game was 2018 and because i changed my phone i forgot about the game eversince until now because of the updates...

Well besides the point alot changed about the game and the artwork satisfies me the most specially the background and the new scenes I REALLY LOVE YOUR WORK SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! im kinda feeeling bad because i couldnt give money to support your work (still a student btw) but as soon as i get a job expect me to be supportin your future works😊😁

ngl that 'character select' screen really thru me off... did nothing really matter before then?


The first few days are supposed to be an Intro, so you get to know every character and have the opportunity to spend time with them. This helps you to decide on who you want to date. 

My Shoichi save got scrambled somehow by the update. It crashes on earlier versions now too. I keep getting this rollback error:

Better just start a new game and skip to the last scene you saw.

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I've read through your error and it seems that the point you saved to got removed or changed. I guess you saved at the point where the developer did his thank you message at the end of the route you're playing? If so, start a new game or load a previous save file. Please don't save on the point where the developer does his message at the end, this might cause save corruption due to it being removed in a next update. Good luck!

Anyone know how to get the bottom right image of the Gallery Page 2?

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Ok, before we get into this little review (or fanboying, whichever you want) this will probably be a rude and selfish thing to say but.... PLEASECOMPLETESOICHISROUTEALREADYIWANNASEEWHATHAPPENSNEXTSOBADIMDYIIIIING

Anyways, with that out of the way I gotta say, this goddamn cast is just.... incredible! I haven't seen such a incomplete complete story before (does this make sense? Probably not but I'm gonna go with it anyways) that just comes together beautifully such as this one does!

The attention to detail, the amount of care that goes into flushing out each personality and transmiting their emotions is, and of course couldn't forget those lovely CGs your artist has been pumping out, such a high quality!;

Overall this project is a 9.9 right now..... oh you're asking why it isn't 10/10? THAT'S BECAUSE IT AIN'T FINISHED SONNY JIM, GET TO IT! (jokes aside though, it really is something amazing you guys are doing here, so please keep at it!)

I just finished the not finished tiger route. I am starting the husky one. To be true I am playing Echo (this is so short) before done it.

i donate you 30$ i love your game and i will keep play it till the end if you will continue shoichi story maybe i will donate 100


Is this mobile friendly? My computer just popped out on me a couple days ago. Unfortunate I haven't played the actual game yet

Yes it is, played through all of the content on my phone.


So far this game has been amazing. The character building the story the characters just everything has been spot on! I'm anxiously awaiting the next Jun-centric update! But I do have one simple request: What is the main theme? Is there any chance I can get sheet music for it? I'm dying to learn to play it. That as well as what I believe to be Jun's new theme? Whatever starts playing after the scene where Jun is patching up Yuuichi after the CDs fall on him, after all that when they start getting to playing the games. If I could get a name and/or some sheet music that would be great! Thank you for pouring your time into this masterpiece of a game! I swear the moment I have money to spend it's going straight to this game!

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Okay so I used SoundHound to find out the main menu theme but unfortunately it didn't work on the other so I can only assume that it is indeed the original Jun theme included in the update. Again if possible I would love to have the sheet music for that cause I'm a major piano nerd and when I hear a song I like I MUST learn it, especially now that I believe it to be Jun's theme.

For those wondering and too lazy to use sound finding software the main menu theme is Two Together by Kevin MacLeod.

this new update splits Shoichi route in 4 ways. Plz help me find the best one.

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Hmm, I'm just gonna say which ones I took cuz I thought those were the best ones (BEWARE SPOILERS):

Before the update, I chose to not stay quiet when arguing with Sho's dad, the next one I chose was to apologize, because even though he had good intentions, the way that Yuuichi went about expressing his opinions wasn't the best to begin with and only made it harder for Shoichi since his dad probably chewed him out because of it... I'm gonna leave the rest for you to read through.

I don't know if it's just me, but I can't use my saves

I had no problems in the Android version.

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Better play from the beginning since the game has new CGs and music, that's a problem which is really hard to circumvent on renpy without breaking stuff.

I am doing it. Just to check new option in choises. I was trying to get a bad end with the husky. If this have a bad end. I prefer get the worse before to not finish the last route crying. lol

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I am not sure if a bug. But the save during some CS days with Jun. When loading from same save it back to the beginning of the day, in the release 0.34. Maybe Later I try it in the new release.

And not that it is a problem since I can just skip all text read.

laughing my actual butt off

Does anyone know anything about the 5th and 6th scenes on page 3 of the gallery?


kei's romance route

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