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Wow, you seem to really love what you do that's absolutely wonderful! I look forward reading every next update, your writing really is top notch. Hope living on your own works out and that the money you make from this amazing project is enough to support you! Good luck in life WOTB!



KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WOTB (sorry about typing in caps lock)

I love Jun so much gdi, also Aki has the right idea.
That was a very nice update, a bit short but sweet and wholesome as expected.

wow, the update is amazing, great job WOTB, keep it up, now we have to wait anothe 40 or so days!!!! im waiting!!!!

fuck yaaaaaaasssssssss 

im already playing it, lol, its so cool!


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cry no update what happened?

o........K where is the update? 

Let's be patient...

keeps spamming F5

I'm going to wait until I see the update 

Same here.

Can someone please give me the name of the music Playing when sitting with JUN on day 10 in the train?

can someone please tell the name of the title theme? it's really beautiful..

Kevin MacLeod ~ Two Together.

thank you so much

Tennis Ace

Um... For the first option in day 1. You should change the music if you choice to stop them since Yuuichi is serious.

The music should change, but yet again, WOTB can only do so much, he's already made a great game so far, and the way the music changes is mostly flawless in certain situations, but remember, day one is the first update of the game, so it would be expected to have some minor mishaps, but either way, its still a great game, iv'e already finished it twice

if he's that busy I guess we could help by suggesting music?

Eh, he sorta has a song list planned out for the game, if he were to put more music, it wouldn't really fit anywhere in the situations that the choices give us, plus he would have to get more licensing rights for the songs and hes living off of his patreon right now, i dont think any more expenses would help him 

He wouldn't need licensing right if it were a copyright-free music :3

true, but still, if he wanted more music, he would put it on himself, or maybe ask us if he needs help with it

every body chill the Fuck down I text wotb and he say it going to be on the 21st so chill cuz it in two more days 


Can you not use a dirty word in your comment?

Please don't be mad to me.

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this game has the same words and it even has cunt work thats what makes it so good the character have a more real life personality and fukk isnt even a bad work and u can't just ignore the works then  

I see

Wait the minute... Where is the new update?

Where is it?

Where is it our Jun update?

The update will most likely be posted on Jan. 22, because WOTB sent patreon the update on Jan. 8. And update will be posted at here after being posted in patreon for 14 days. Just wait patiently ;)


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Hey Wotb, I know this might be a bit too early to ask this but, would you game have multiple ways to get the same ending?

Also does anyone know the difference between window and full screen?

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wotb said on his interview their is going to be 3 different endings per charter rout for more info check out deckerlink interview with wotb

Anddd (maybe a little bit late reaction...) the window setting is that you have the possibility to quit the game by clicking on the red X... Full screen does not have the ability to do that, soooo your screen is completely filled with Tennis ace!

Did you maybe understand? My English is not very good tho... 

The update will probably come out on January 21st... Because WOTB said that it will be posted 14 days after the upload on patreon. The update is uploaded on January 7th😭

I thought  so too

The update about Jun will be uploaded today right? 

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probs but it might come out with the ours rout to but not as much as the characters that was chosen to update 

Guys who knows when the next update be


Either today or 22, since WOTB release the update on Jan 8.

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well I didn´t have any way to know that XD so yeah, will be on 22 for sure.

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I love this game so much! The characters actually have personalities, it's amazing how incredibly woven together the writing and story blocking all is, I lose myself in the whole world of the story and forget about time flowing around me! Even the romance feels natural, not happening too suddenly or too late,  and not forced into the story, it's just right, a Goldilocks level of writing right here! All the characters have flaws that actually impact them, and hardships you can empathize with, it's almost too good to be true! Keep up the amazing work!

Hey, anyone who knows how to simply update the game without losing progress? I have a Windows 10 device so it hasn't be so hard as it looks... Or do you have to play everything again? 

Well, pretty sure downloading the new update will just do the work.

Your save file will still be there in the new vers.

Thanks for the answer🙏


Keep up for the great work, WOTB!

The new Saya sprite looks great :P

Also, GJ on fixing the grammatical mistakes in the game, though I provided some wrong correction in the error log, sorry about that .-.

Anyway, we'll always be here to support you on the way of development :3

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it's just a normal convo  tho  on itch but it's fun talking so yeah. But got feed back cuz  this game is fantastic and has such beautiful charter  kind reminds me of my group but I like how u coded it to facial action  flow smoothly and you choose great music it really suits the game. But shoichi kiss scene end way to fast like they kiss which in so cute mad me cry but it's ends next day they definitely could have got a text and look at the time and then shoichi have MC one more kiss. Still keen for this update. love ya work 

Just download the new update :P

You won't lose your save file, don't worry!

Hey! So i'm wondering, is there special scenes?


this video will give you some info about the creator/ and his game.

is the whole interview all about WOTB?


Yep :P
Including many fan questions about him :3

Thanks! I'll be sure to watch it then!

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Hey, does anyone know how to update your game? You don't have to play the whole story again hopefully... I am not super technical😅

BTW,  this is really the most wonderful and the best game I've played in my entire life! In Shoichi's part... I had to cry because it was so beautiful😊 I have still jitters in my stomach after 3 days😍 

WOTB, really, great work by impressing other people and turned me more open about my sexuality... I can finally tell people that I am bi without embarrassing... Keep up the good work! 👏🏻🎉

lucky u can tell your bi I told one person how told by best freind at the worst time when he told me my heart legit drop so far 

And how did he reply if I may ask you? 

Deleted post

Uhm, I think you missed the point.

He means that how did your friend reply to the situation.

Deleted post

Umm well he found out when they where Fucking my freind was just talking About random shit and I came up and she spill my secret then we start texting her and she said my a my freind did it again so I text him and was like what did u do with her she told me everything thing and my friend text me back she told me that u were bi sexual and was it true so I came back to my other freind and said I'm going to fucken kill you u told him I was fucken bi WTF when did this happen  so it's just like weird talking to him and once I see him in person he's going to get the talk of  life time and I found worse time to like freind die and my other freind has cancer so ended up have a mental breakdown so it was an interesting time to say the least and now he's dose not know how to act around me cuz of my shit ass life so that how it when down just fun 

To be honest I don't even know if I'm bi or gay just confused me  I have feeling more towards men but like life hard it not easy telling people your sexuality 

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Ow I'm sorry this shit was happened to you... I really hate that kind of people... You're mentally strong! Keep it going like that😉💪🏻 Don't ever let people ruin your life like that. There is nothing wrong with being gay or bi! You're beautiful in the way you are! 🌟

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thanks  your a kind and beautiful person as well who makes lives better . And so true about being gay or bi cuz love is love 😘❤

I wonder... After the tennis ace project has finished, will WOTB make a new game or visual novel again?

I hope so, it's the best visual novel I played so far


Respect to the creator and his team. I love this game and I hope the next update coming soon. 

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the next update is already on his patreon.

I would like the free version. Because I can't pay. I come from Germany and we haven't $ we have €. And I havent PayPal. Or another thinks like PayPal. 

Well you have to wait like 5 days more or less. The next update will be about jun btw.

Is the next update after this update (about Jun) going to be about Shoichi?

Deleted post

I set up PayPal yesterday, it automatically changes the currency according to the current rates. I did that to help WOTB with his great work here so that the story goes on. PayPal is free to set up! I came from Germany too.

I have no money!!!! XD

any idea when it might be done?

Yeah I really want to know it too ^w^

The dev said that there is no set date that this game will be done, so just wait patiently & support the dev on the way :P

Dear WOTB,

I really, really enjoyed playing your game. The story has really tied me up, because it was so thoughtful and so heartwarming told, that I nearly forgot everything around me! 😅 In addition, the art in this game was really breathtaking. I'm really curious about how the story will continue and I really can't wait for the next update. So please go on with doing this fantastic game. Thank you for making it so far. >^~^<

please WOTB let us spend more time with aki

It doesn't have to be that we make a relationship with him but he is so cute and he is following his brother bath so spending time with him will be never forgotten and it will be the most interesting story cuz we will get to know yuu when he was a kid

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I hope this qualifies as feedback (since I suck at LA)(you could also ignore some of this feedback since a majority of it is asking you to do work and I don't know what your living currcumstances are like).

1. Hey Wotb, I think more should happen at Yuuichi`s school like for example gym class.

2. You should also add an image of Yuuichi crying, I feel like that will make him more real to the audience/players and it will remind us that Yuuichi also has his own problems.

3. Another thing you should edit, when Yuuichi was talking to Haruto, he says "pass even harder". Isn`t there better words you can use like "never minded"?

4. For Shoichi`s route on the roof during the confession, instead of "very least very suspect" how about something like " wouldn`t it be suspected for me to try to convince you that you...".

5. When Yuu and Sho kiss each other on the roof, I felt that the scene was too short. Could've you talk about the kiss more or something to just make the scene a bit longer.

6. On day 6 when Yuu get mad during lunch. You should change the music.

7. I also loved the part when Yuu has a dream about Sho. And will there be more parts where Yuu is dreaming of something.

8. On long days like day 1 or days with no options/choices like 2 and 11 you should add more options/choices to choose from, even if their existance are close to absolutely meaningless it will draw the audience/players attention, for example: since day 2 has no options/choices I forgot that your game has a day 2 in it since day 2 didn't draw my attention.

9.The quick time event and seeing things from the other characters point of view were really enjoyable, are there going to be more in the future?

Hey WOTB do you have twitter?

here`s his Twitter.

the game is great and even though i always look for nsfw but this story is very good and i will play the entire game even if it was 1000 days long just to know how will the story go 

Also if we use the default name in the beginning does it change any thing they say?

The name doesn't change anything except... Well, the name they will call you.

Yep, so you can even name yourself Shoichi Urata or whatever the heck you want and they will still call you by the name you chose.

Deleted post
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[Spoiler] if you keep your default name there is a time shoichi will call you (yuu) in the first 3 maybe 4 days and you get surprised and when he ask for a shorter name to call you and you stay with the default name (yuu) he will say that he want to call you that a lot

Deleted post

i think its better if he keep everything the way they are

um, little question, how do i know when the next update comes out, will it tell me on the following page? or do i have to go on his twitter?

The update will first be posted in his patreon, which is only limited to those who backed him on patreon. Then, after 14 days, the update will be posted publicly on

Also, I know you didn't ask for this, but the route update orders goes from:

Jun -> Shoichi -> Keisuke.

Since the last update is Keisuke's route, the next update will be Jun's route.

Thank you Sanility Jun is my fave so far

i loved the Shoichi route, i blushed so hard and almost cried when it happened, cant wait for the next update, keep it up WOTB!!!!!!!

I'm so keen for next update wotb keep up the amazing work and happy new year's to 

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