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I quite like your game as well as drawings, scripts, content, etc.  But besides that, I also have some other reviews that you would like to ignore if they do not satisfy you: firstly, I think you should replace some background, such as the rooftop at the beginning of the game,  stadium, school corridors on day 1 and more, I find them to be a bit old and difficult to see, sorry 😞😞.  Secondly, some of the gallery paintings seem to be ... oh, not very nice and maybe it doesn't look like the real character, so I'm very sorry about that😥😥😥.  And finally, I'm very sorry, maybe I'm making you waste time completing the game, so I want to apologize to you, this is just my own thought.If you don't like it, you can  ignore it, sorry again 😞😞.

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i know at least not all the music in this are original so you can't release a soundtrack, but i enjoy the songs so is there a way you can list the songs you used some how?


I have a TA unofficial discord server and I am working on putting all the ost's from the game onto Youtube, Updates for that will be on the server.


Umm... I kinda want to date Haruki.. You know

so you like them bad huh

Hehe just want to give tough guy some love


Is it possible to download and play this game on phone? I would love to take this on the go. 

Yes it's possible

great how do I do that. I tried it and it wouldn't let me on my Android. 

Just download the apk file and install it, but if you did do that and are still having problems then maybe your phone is an older model that can't run the game. Idk though :/

VNs nowadays doesn't support lower than Android lollipop 5.0


I would love a link to were you got the sound track for making this game Is amazing a d I just can't stop thinking about it ^^

Jun. i need. More. Would u mind if i ask how long the wait is? Im new.


From what I can gather of the timing on the update posts, every 30 days or so.

They go in order between the characters so Kei, Jun, Sho

I need Kiga as the secret DLC unlockable character to date, my goodness he is one sassy cat

A relationship with him would be really fun, especially with his drama talents and how much of a performance he can make out of the smallest things, a sass battle between Yuuichi and Kiga would probably destroy the universe

But he is wholesome and silly and well-written, shame Haruki is probably already hitting that 

hate to burst your bubble but Kiga is like Alex he's a Patron reward Cameo character. Meaning he isn't owned by the dev


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Okay I swear I-I'm into Jun, but...omigosh this KIGA dude is just sooooo *screaming internally* ASKDJDKSLASNDDLALMANXKDLAMAZD I'M INLOVE!!! Can I have Kiga since Yuuichi already have Shoichi, Kei-kun and Jun? Lmao, just kidding! But damn Kiga's so gorgeous I already have a crush on him reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm loving this VN~ ❤ >///w///<

Kidding aside, I could really relate to Shoichi's update right now. It happened to me a long time ago. Also its most of peoples problem too nowadays. This is so intense. I hope everything would turn out fine. I felt Yuuichi's rage as well. It really gives the feels~ 😐

Nuuuuuu Jun's gone DX but the new image is rly good lol


Do the game has scenes porn?



Scenes porno with photos or texts

yes to both, but shoichi's is the only route with sex so far


you know for a game called tennis ace..the actual tennis playing is like the most boring part..



Probably because it goes technical on those parts, I actually enjoy it believe it or not.

Meh, taste is subjective.

I liked those parts XD


You know the feeling of anger to the point of you just wanting to shred and tear someone to pieces?

Well that's what I feel towards Takehiko...Ugh it's frustrating that you can't even kill him because he's just a fictional character. And even mentioning to Yuuichi about not having dad in a household? Dude that's a low blow! Though I can't judge him fully yet because I don't know he's story but still that's just harsh. 

Great job at making this! Can't wait for the next update for Shoichi!

Man this update really hit me.   :(

Like a truck


First of all....WOW!! This was an amazing game...the story...the why isnt this a BL anime yet????? I love everything about this game...well the beginning is slow but the end result is worth the wait!!!!

P.S when is the next update?

the new update Is in six days 

Just asking but how will the story be progressing in terms of the relationship between Shoichi and the MC?  I'm curious because I may be low key obsessed with this game lol!

I just wanted to ask. Did you create the soundtrack of this game by yourself or did you found it on Internet. And if that's the case, do you mind to tell me the names of some of them (especially the one when you are alone with Shoichi in the seafood restaurant) . Sorry to ask that, but the soundtrack of this VN is so cool and I really love it.

*spoiler* I did all of keisuke's hearts except one then started out on Jun's and when you do to many it gives a bad end and that bad end happened just as Jun collapsed and nearly gave me a godamn heartattack with the timing

I think it's just Jun's normal route...

I know it is, its just that the bad ending happened just as that happened on his route just jun gets carted off and it suddenly says a few years later I didn't know what was going on  

is freaking awesome


OMGGGG i love so much jun!!! With the new update i fell in love with him :((( but my heart hurt when i just see shoichi depressed (and more because yuuichi it's just too air head that don't see the feelings of shoichi

*waving my hands* Jun fan here~ =w=

Niceee!, nice to meet you


I kinda wish Alex were an option he's so dummy thicc

I feel the same but with Victor Lol. IT'S EUROPEANNNN!!! and it's really cute!

I kinda thought of that too~ x3

Just curious but will Shoichi and Yuuichi ever do some bondage sex?


Wotb, don't worry you can always put a kabe-don scene/CG into your game whenever you want.

(like for example the next shoichi update.)


I did shoichi first and dont think I can do the others knowing everything which is actually a good thing


Ye, after completing with the good boi Shoichi it is very hard to go on with other two, and the scenes with Shoichi after not choosing him are just a heartbreaking


I feel the same :"(( just saw him depressed and that yuuichi don't see the feelings of shoichi for him<\3


I'm not really into the whole furry thing so i overlooked this vn a lot but i'm really happy i decided to check it out. I've only played through Shoichi's route so far but the story is really cute and i like the idea that the characters are more realistic in the fact that they still deal with commons mental or physical problems like Saya (by far my favorite character) being color-blind or Shoichi coming from a not so perfect family or how he beats himself over that. It makes the story a little more realistic and not a fantasy. This VN has definitely made me want to check out other furry VNs that i passed up. Your making great work! Keep it up!


Im in a Situation as shoichi i love somebody but i don't know if he loves me and i know him for four years now and i am overthinking it twenty times a day before seeing him at school 

Maybe choose the same tactics as here? Spend time with him after school, get to know him more and maybe jokingly come up with gay stuff and see his reaction (if he might be straight)


Damn..that update is a good one! And I kinda hate it when they saw Shoichi after their exams but...what can I do right? Its the game wants and I still love it!

Great Job for this!!


is it possible to download this through the app? i ask because im using a borrowed computer and dont want my vns in plain sight XD

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REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JUN'S UPDATE IS HERE!!! OMIGOSH!!! My most awaited update~ qwq *faints* ❤


I played Tennis Ace on last week, and I enjoyed so much! My favorite is Keisuke, but Shoichi and Jun are also kind, and cozy characters so basically, I love them all now.😁 And I'm making are VN too, so this game also gave me a lot of inspirations like how to proceed the moment with them. Thank you very much, and hope you can work on Tennis Ace for more!👍

It wont let me submit my first name on android

You can submit your own name when the keyboard screen is popping up. If it doesn't, maybe it's due to the version of Android OS. Ren'py games requires comparatively new version of it(As I heard).

Deleted post

This game absolutely blew me away. I've read a lot of VNs in my time and I got to say, nothing even comes close to this one. It felt great to lose myself in the novel and just for a moment actually feel like I was hanging out with my group of closest friends. Keep up the good work, the love you've put into this game is clear for all to see and with it you've created something truly wonderful.


Just finished with Shoichi's storyline and it just feels like betrayal on him if I start with Jun or Kei


Is it possible for shoichi to win the league? 

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Just asking if there is anymore story for shoichi’s route?

I hope they eventually get together and meet each other’s parents? Maybe shoichi’s dad can allow him to do what he wants? Maybe Yuu can eventually say i love you to shoichi? Who knows?

Just giving ideas

Of course there is😁, the update order is kei - jun - sho. So because Kei's update is out, then the next update is jun's. After jun's then it will be sho's again. And then it repeat's over and over again.


Actually,  it is Jun - Kei - Sho.

Ooops sorry. But why after sho's update (0.29) , the update that came out its not jun's but kei's update (0.30) ??


The real cycle is jun - sho - kei

Really, then sorry if iam wrong


I've found this game by coincidence and downloaded it. And it's brilliant! The story, the art style, the characters, the music, i love it all! Especially that there are many different side characters with different personalities. I chose Sho (because... i don't know it seems like they fit perfectly together?) and his route is so beautiful. You can really see all the work which flowed into the project and i can't wait to play more. Tennis Ace is by far one of the best Visual Novels i've ever played. 

WOTB, about the vocals of keisukes song. i noticed you said you weren't too happy with the way you hyped his voice up then presented him singing with "mediocre vocals" (not trying to say you sung bad though-)  and, well i'd be more than happy to try for keisuke's song if you would like to change his voice in the future. I've been singing for nearly eight years and i have a vocal range of G2-D5 and would be happy to at least record singing it then somehow send it to you, though i don't have the best mic and would have to find a good one first. And no, i'm not going to ask you to pay anything if that's something that crossed your mind. though I am 15, I have the confidence that i can sing pretty good. I would love to hear back from you, WOTB and will get back to you as soon as i can, since i'm gonna be busy with school and such.  I'm sorry if i came off as rude or cocky in any way, that was not my intention. But anyways, let me know soon please!  ^^


This VN pulled me into the whole ordeal.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Looking forward to many more!

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Thank you for such a wonderful game! Can’t wait for updates

I' m having a problem in the beginning of the game, I can't put my nickname and I don't know how to solve it

(Sorry for bad english)

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