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I can't click on any of the buttons on the star menu, How can I fix this?? Or is it a bug?

Where the official discord?????


sorry for spoiler

You do have the ability to delete your previous comment so that more people don't get spoiled, or edit it to remove the spoiler.

Could you tell me the name of the song that appears when you are with Jun on the wheel of fortune, please


I know there will be no scene with Jun because you kill yourself trying to get his trust and save him from being trampled

Deleted 4 days ago

Spoiler, dude! Cover them up or something!

I really love this game! I hope this continues for a long time!


no have scene jun


I wanted to know when there will be a good scene of the tiger because most of them

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hii can someone pls help me real quick, there at Jun's piano performance  I got a pic of him on stage, but when I go to the gallery it said Image 2 of 2 locked.  How do I unlock it?

How much development has gone into this game? And are any of the character paths finished?

is Shoichi the only one with a sex scene?

Keisuke also has a NSFW scene at the last days of his route

how do I get it since I already completed his route



It's the frotting scene, its not sex but its NSFW. If u finished the route then u must have already played it, if you havent its when keisuke goes to sleep to your home after the fight with his grandma in day 28 (Don't really remember the day, must be 27,28 or 29). I think you wanted to know if there was actual sex, but the only route with actual sex is the sho route

oh, I do have it... guess I forgot. Thanks tho

What are Shoichi's A, B and C routes? And how do I get to each of them?

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C route is failing to convince shoichi to see his mom and he gets mad at you. A and B is either the good told shoichi your uncomfortable route or the Do not tell shoichi your uncomfortable route.


Thanks SO much! You're a delight, literal saviour :3

I got to the end of Shoichi's route, it's amazing <3


I think I got B and I don't know if I'm ok with it or not.

I’m just a little curious where the creator announces when updates come out. Can someone tell me where the creator announces update times? Thank you!

Sorry the answer is a little late. Go to their patreon, builds are published on the first of every month (or they would make a public announcement when its delayed) for patreon members. 2 weeks after the patreon release, the build is published for the public here.

Thank you!

So, I stopped playing this way back when... I played Sho's route till he got angry and snaps at the OC when you confront him about the party with his dad and going pro. Then I played Jun's route all the way till where Jun confesses what he's been up to, to Shoichi. I completely stopped at these points because I got so pissed with Jun, and a little fed up with Sho. Tennis Ace has been such a heart-throbbing story and I love it. I plan to get back to continuing the story once more! I've only achieved getting to day 28 with Keisuke so I'm certainly excited to see how much more his story develops. All I can truly say is... Thank you, for such a wonderful piece of art!


I've got to the almost end. I have saw the kiss. I am satisfied now C:

Has Shoichi's route finished? Asking out of curiosity

Not yet. None of the routes are completely finished.

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I really like this vn but reading anyone but Shoichis route really makes me sad because I just really like his character and the dynamic he has with Yuuichi in his route. I low key feel like im cheating on him reading the others 

Need help getting these...
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The two on the left are both on day 10 of keisuke's route. The one on the right requires (spoilers for anybody that wants to figure it out themselves)

On day 21: pick "tell the truth"

On day 22: pick "I still mean it" and "Ignore your father"

On day 24: pick "I can't bring myself to be quiet"

On day 26: pick "Keep pushing"

This will end up with a cg with Shoichi reuniting with his mom.

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Spoiler-free answer: you get that CG later on in shoichi's route, but that's only when you're on track to get the good ending. (Even more spoilers as a continuation of the  post I'm replying to.) 

In day 26, there is another choice prior to "keep pushing" that you need to get right in order to get shoichi to reunite with his mom. On that day, you also need to pick "be firm".

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Some spoilers xD

Yes it's a spoiler ↓                                   

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First time seeing a Yuu simp. It's not as common as I thought it would be, since everyone goes for the other canine. (Spoilers below).

On a side note, doesn't Yuu actually feel uncomfortable when Sho gets sexual? Even when they had sex, Yuu said he felt somewhat pressured to consent.

Edit: I just got the context for the first joke. I didnt notice the expression the shiba was making.

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Yo guys so. I know Shoichi has its own 3 routes being the good, neutral, and the "bad" route, but what if in the future, the characters become routes themselves? 

[Spoilers Ahead]

Like Jun's route could become some sort of a bad route where Yuu can't play tennis anymore, or maybe evolves to some sort of a more neutral route somehow

The Keisuke route so far is the "good" one, it's the route where everything feels it's going "easier" (Yes I know the issues Yuu has with Alex but everything is getting worked out really easy, but of course a lot of things can still happen on future updates)

And finally, Shoichi Route is the most "conflictive" one at relationship level or character's life level depending on which of the 3 routes you go for, but everything also gets worked out very nicely. So this could end up being a Neutral route or maybe even a Good route depending on some decisions or the visual novel evolution

Please note that this is only a mere theory/opinion. What do you guys think? 

P.D: As a quick side note, I really think Yuuichi hugging Jun on the piano contest should have its own scene, he's just too huggable lol 

They do that in the ferris wheel. Jun is even crying and everything.

Anyone know how to get the 1st cg of page 4 ?


That's a new one added to all 3 routes. It's on the first day of the festival when the script is the same for each route.

Got it ! Thanks a lot :)

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This new update when Keisuke went to go tell the coach he was missing practice and left Yuuichi in the Locker room by himself I thought Alex was going to come in out of nowhere and beat hell out yuuichi. I will be terrified if Alex will be in the next Keisuke update.

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Can you at least mark spoilers and move it several lines down so its covered with the "view rest" button?

Woops sorry I was in a hurry to type this let me fix it.


I just want to say thank you for making such an Awesome VN!

I finished it today for the third time on all routes. It is just awesome. Keep it up :3


As a matter of curiosity, to those of you that are following the VN and are having trouble with filling out the gallery images:

Having finally gone back and collected all the images I was missing tonight, I'm considering putting together a Google Sheet that will show what each image is, as well as how to obtain them. Is this something you guys would be interested in if I did? I know there have been some in the past that have had trouble, myself included, and figured this might serve as a way to help with that.

yeah i would be grateful if you did that actually, i struggle to fill out the three first pages

It might take me a little bit to gather the info, but knowing it will be beneficial to at least a few people, I'm glad to do it.

Can someone help me out with what cg I'm missing? (2nd page)

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go to the library instead of the tea shop

Thanks! It never would've occurred to me since going to the library as a place to hang out with friends sounds boring as hell.


it throws me off that this game technically takes place in 2016 lol

when is the next update?

Today or tomorrow it should be out

I have finished the Shoichi's route as for now, and I absolutely loved it! However can someone tell me if there are better options to take since I want to have the best one possible, since he is the only one I adore so much. I was very pushy about his personal life like standing up to his father and reconnecting with his mother and he seems to be doing great with the mom and little to no progress in the dad department. When I could talk to Saya first choice was to talk about the offer, she is more involved in this and she deserved to know, and I was so happy to see she was cool abt it, but it totally crushed me how MC was uncomfortable later and it broke my heart to see that, so I checked the option to talk about Shoichi being pushy and even though they had a bit of a stumble on the street the rest of the date was hopefully great for the both of us. I do feel bad about not talking about colleague to Saya, but the relationship with Shoichi would be unbearable to watch to collapse. Any thoughts on that? Could something be done differentely?

When you saw mom cg you got the best general outcome. And with scholarship it's mentioned multiple times Yuuichi has a lot of time to think about it. The better choice is to worry about things that happen now, like Shoichi.

Thank you for filling me in! Now I am more at ease, can't wait for the next Shoichi update


Finished the current end of Jun's route.   Feels like the game is really starting to tread in new waters. Can't wait to see what happens next.

i love this vn. i hope more relationship routes get added, it would be so cool to explore characters and give more depth to them. i would keep coming back to this over and over like i do now!

Will Haruki ever get a route?


I doubt it, it would be kinda out of character for Yuuichi and it would cause a lot of problems between Yuu and Sho but I'm not sure tbh

I don't feel like it would cause Sho hasn't asked us out yet at that point. So if we decided to date someone else then...


I also don't think it'd be out of character to Yuu considering how much he clings to/forced his way into having a friendship with Haruki anyway, tbh.


Very big 'might'

Even if there is a route, it won't be a full-fledged romantic route, rather they'd just be friends with benefits. All from WOTB himself

I feel like anything with Haruki would be purely fan service 

Ok, so I'm on the Jun path and I have the feeling that it was written by someone from the southern US. Between the grape soda, the (3rd?) conversation from Jun's parent's, and the comment made to Jin, those are what gave me the feeling. I could be completely wrong, but I am still loving all three of the paths. It really is a neat VN.

The author and artist are both Brazilian. Grape flavored stuff is also fairly popular in Japan, so that would at least explain that part.


Reached the current end of the Shoichi path last night. All the feels, some tears.

There were a couple lines about gay marriage and then I saw this just now

Also, Haruki is doing the most and I'm really intrigued by it.

He has layers, like an onion.

hAs it been 14 days yet


~2 days left.

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Great VN so far. But I get an error screen right before the text on shoichi’s route. Is there any possible way to fix this? I play PC btw.

That happened with one particular text message but I was able to ignore past it and it didn't happen again. Android here.

How were you able to ignore it? 

If I recall, after Rollback took me back to the same error, I clicked Ignore and it took me to the next screen.
I was even able to see the "phone" screen and click to close it when it was done so I don't know why it happened.
Hopefully the error screen I included helps the developer.

Im like really enjoying this VN. Cried with the jun path. Also curious, will there be a changing path after shoichi spills his feelings out during jun's path?


When we get to Shoichi's good route, when you get the chance to confront Shoichi's, do you call Shoichi's dad on his bullshit? About how poorly he treats Shoichi? 


This is a little spoiler:

If you call Shoichi's dad out, then afterwards push (and keep pushing) Shoichi to talk, you'll get an image for the gallery.

Does that lead to the good route? 


Yeah, it does. Just a heads up, definitely DO call his dad out, and dont be afraid to be firm and push shoichi when he becomes hesitant.

I am most likely sure I did push him all the time when I could, but [SPOILER] it didn't change much. Did I skip one or it is how it should be?

Im confused how can I tell which route updated

There hasn't been an update yet. If there was, it would've said so in the development log.

Is the mc last name hunter? 


When you first start the game, there's a default name and last name already set for you, but you can change it if you want something different.

By default, the MC is called Yuuichi Michimiya. Michimiya is the last name.

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