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Tennis Ace is a visual novel following in the more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art.

In the game, you follow the life of an 18-year old boy who aspire to become a professional tennis player at the end of his senior year in high school.

The game has three dateable characters, all of them being part of the protagonist's inner circle of friends.

Updates will be posted here 14 days after they have been posted on Patreon, with updates coming out monthly.

If you like the art in my project, consider checking out my artist's DeviantArt here!

And if you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find my project's page right here!

Published Feb 01, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsadult, furry, Gay, Tennis


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Ok, so before you guys post that "Why hasn't the public version released yet?" I want to say something, the dev is currently sick, so give him some time to rest and wait patiently for the version to come out.


Shoichi and Yuuya are my two favorites in this game. Too bad Yuuya doesn't have a bigger role like the others. I have a feeling that if he did, he'd probably have a huge crush on Sam Asakawa (who I named the player character while giving him the surname of voice actress Yuu Asakawa), and I'd definitely ship it. So far, Shoichi and Yuuya are the only ones I ship with Sam

Sam x Shoichi (TennisProVolleyCaptain)

Sam x Yuuya (TennisProRisingStar)

....also, it seems that Shoichi likes being called a good boy😏

should you add some emotion sprites for the MC’s brother too

I think it would be nice if we have like a little bit of mischief from that character

The dev mentioned about adding emotion sprite to other side character in the game, so be sure to keep an eye out on this game's development!

There will be some patch in Spanish

The story and the character development is totally amazing. I loved it. This visual novels feels fresh and original. Its not like the typical furry visual novel where the is just porn and porn and even more porn (it dont mean that those ones are bad) . Here i can feel their conection, how their relationship is growing. Its just...great.  I wish you lot of luck and i hope you can keep going with this proyect until its finished.
Also... are you planning to add some more emotions sprites to saya-chan? I mean she totally deserve some. At least one with a murderer aura, one angry and one with a "sigh" face.


I think the dev mentioned about adding emotional sprite to other character in the future, so definitely wait patiently for the dev until it came out!

That's great! Well now we will have to wait.  Thanks.

I have to admit , it has been quite a long while since I last found a Visual Novel that kept my interest this long . I like pretty much everything about it to be honest ! Sadly since I´m not currently working , I can´t help with money for this project yet but hopefully in the future I´ll be able to offer a bit of help ! Continue doing a great work but please , remember to take time for yourself as well , ok ? I started o ramble huh ? lol My point is : so far , it´s one of the best Visual Novels I have ever played ! :3

Wow this is an amazing game i love the artwork of the furries great job.

God! This game is so good

I have a question about Jun's (favorite) behavior, do you known one who is going through the same thing or does that come out of your mind?

I don't think I understand the question ^^'

I'm sorry I can speak English very badly. forget the question from earlier, great work on the game and the characters and keep it up.

I believe his question is this: Do you know anyone with the same behaviour as Jun?


Can you do more days on Shoichi pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The characters receive updates in order. It goes Jun > Shoichi > Keisuke. Two days ago I released the Jun update on Patreon and at the end of this month it'll be the Shoichi update :p

Thank you

and are you going to put it in itch.io to if other people don't have patreon

(1 edit)

Well, to answer your question, yes, he will put the update in itch.io to other people, but only after 14 days after he put down the update in patreon.

Edit: God damn it, I remember it wrong.

okay!!! Thank for the reply :)

Yeah, like Sanility said, updates are posted here 14 days after they've been released on Patreon, which usually happens on the last day of the month unless there was some delay.

This is one of the best visual novel game that i had played before in my life

Thank you ^^


Hey everyone I just bought the game today but im having trouble starting it up when I go to the file it seems to be missing a file anyone else have this problem? As well from my views on this WOTB you put allot of work in this so keep it up

What exactly is the trouble? You're gonna have to be a bit more specific since the game has versions for three different OS's and I need to know what is the error message ^^'

WOTB, I have a question, are you going to update your game at furaffinity?

Cuz the more exposure the game has, the more view/money you will get :3

I stopped updating at FurAffinity because I just couldn't get used to the website. I didn't know where half of everything was and it was too much of a chore to use when there wasn't even much attention there to begin with ^^'

(1 edit) (+2)

Will there be NSFW CG of Shoichi, Jun, Keisuke, and Yuuichi in the future?

there will be in the future hopefully.

There will be, but the relationship hasn't gone THAT FAR yet.

Wait patiently for the dev <3

Yes. There will be NSFW scenes and CGs in the future (though it'll still be a bit as the relationships need to be fully built up first)

Hello! I am very interested in playing your game, but every time I go to install it, it looks like it's about to download, then it pops back to the normal pink install button. Can you please help me fix this?  Thank you.

After clicking the download button, you will be redirected to a website where you choose what kind of version of the game you want (PC/Mac/Android), then after clicking the download on your desire version, you will be redirected to mediafire where you could download the file for the game.

So what kind of problem are you facing :3

(I am not the dev tho)

I think the update from Keisuke is good and gives him more depth. Take your time calming down your personal problems, me and many others are happy if you are alright. I only wish I had an info what is added in the updates, if it does not make any circumstances? like a changelog.

Uhm, development log have the changelog for the updates.

(Unless you want the past updates)

I have to be honest I have somehow overlooked the development log. This is a little embarrassing for me now. thanks for the hint

when will be update?


Wait patiently, the dev have life.


Update day be like: Stress 99%

(1 edit)

WOTB, can I ask for the name of the music you used when you're on bed with Shoichi on Day 13 and Day 10?

Also, the music you used at Day 10 makes me almost cry :3

Here comes the waiting 101~

(1 edit)

WOTB, are you planning to add Jun in maid suit?~

Well, that would be fun, but I doubt he will put him into a maid suit.

Not really, sorry xD


Why nobody does fanarts or talks about this?

It upsets me, it's genuinely well written and the characters are complex.

This NEEDS a fandom.

(1 edit)

We should have someone who know how to set up a subreddit in reddit :3

There have been a few pieces of fanart that popped up in the past every now and then, though not many. I dunno, I'm already surprised at how many people enjoy it right now x3

Honestly one of the best visual novels I've played, tens of hours worth of amazing content, for me at least. I could see it ranking  up there with more popular titles like Nekojishi and Amorous. Sadly I'm kinda on a budget right now because life and stuff so I can't really offer any money, but keep up the good work~! Bright future ahead with this game. 

PS. You should consider releasing merchandise if you can, wouldn't be able to buy anything but it'd be great to get when I could.

Merchandise is something that would require a much larger following ^^'
(Plus, I have no idea how to even go about something like that)

WOTB. I love your game and Jun is very cute, I think great visual novels do not have NSFW the game is my favorite game ever got through all the story. I love the art and the character story and development. I hope the game continues for a long time.

It'll still take me a while to finish it for sure x3
I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I love this game so freaking much, Shoichi is just AAGGHH so cute. What is the name of the title theme song? Really interested in learning to play it since its so beautiful😊😊

The name is Two Together. It's a CC-free track from Kevin McLeod :p

Thank you so much!! Again, I love this game and I am excited for the updates to see where this goes!!

Just realised that he is also the composer of LITERALLY. EVERY. SINGLE. YOUTUBE. BGM.

God, that bring back my childhood.

(1 edit)

WOTB, I liked this game very much and I want to help people who don't know English : I'd like to be translator😁😄😉😋(I could do itreally cheap, or even for free because this game is wonderful)

Thanks for the offer but I want to focus on developing it first before I think of whether or not to translate it to another language ^^'

ok, just have I'm mind that I might help you when you need😁


Shoichi is the purest boy. His smile must be protected! c:


His blushing smile absolutely warms up my heart!
... What? Biased? Me? Pfft, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't like my characters more than others just because they are mine.

I just want Yuuichi and Shoichi to have a healthy relationship and all that romantic crap.

Healthy and romantic crap is what I live for!

Yeeees this update is so good ;u;

I'm glad you liked it. What was your favorite part? :3

This doesnt seem to download on the itch app on windows. :/

Have you been able to figure out what the problem was? I've only seen this message now but I'm not quite sure what's wrong. You can't download the demos on Windows? Or are you trying to download the APK on Android? õ.o

It seems like the game isnt set up in the way itch has other games set up, kinda like this: https://gyazo.com/89e925d10f17f4575e47b0079a96440f , I haven't been able to download it with the itch app so I don't know for sure though.

I really love this update! Please continue

For sure I will x3

the Shoichi update was nice I think his sister is such a funny character it the way she acts towards Shoichi and her hitting on Yuuichi was just hilarious and man their dad sure is one scary guy wonder why he acts the way he does toward Shoichi can’t wait to find out more when’s the time comes keep up the great work with this amazing visual novel WOTB 

Glad you enjoyed seeing the new characters. Now we'll just have to wait until the next Shoichi update to see more won't we? x3

Do you plan on having more CGs in the prologue? 


I found out that if you just play in character selection 'till after the CS 10, you will get a paragraph about what happened to Yuuichi and his friend. Will Yuuichi win his All-Japan-Junior tournament if we were to finish one of the character's route :3

I don't know, but would this be a proper sports anime if the power of love and friendship doesn't prevail?

Hey, you can lose the match on Day 12, remember? Power of love and friendship isn't absolute. We'll just have to wait and see won't we? x3

I've already finished the story line with Shoichi, but how can I experience the other story lines with Keisuke and Jun without making a new save?

Well, choose a save that is closest toward character selection (CS for short), then, use skip to next choice till you get to there. Save your game right there and you could experience other story line as long as you want.

I have to figure out how to get the game to know that a player has gotten through the Prologue already to institute a Prologue skip.

(1 edit)

Need More Shoichiiiiiii!! I really love the new CG😍😍

Keep up the awesome work! 

Will do!
And yeah, the new CG is really wonderful. It made me squeal when I got it x3


Same  my parents actually looked at me weirdly cuz I started squealing while I'm on the sofa sitting next to them😂😂

found a few spelling mistakes in shoichis day 13 at his house. eg MC says ear to year? 

just to inform you that they exsist. Really love the pics of shoichi with face expressions in bed.

I don't know if you you ended up doing that, but there is a typo log that you can use to report this kind of thing :3
You can access it by clicking here!

out of curiosity, are there any mature image scenes with explicit content similar to Dynewulf's Extracurricular activities

Nope, it's not that far yet.

I look forward to the shoichi developments and possible gay scenes between them. shoichi and MC realise that they are gay for each other and the awkward talk and shoichis big secret!!!!  cant wait.

(1 edit)

I think every character will have a NSFW CG  in the future :^)

Yeah. There is no porn in it... YET. We'll get there :3

Hello WOTB I found a small bug with the Little Character portrait of the main character. how can I send you a screenshot with the error. in one he has a tank top and in the next his uniform.

Just tell me what scene this happens in and I can check the script to fix it :3

Speaking of that, day 6 (Shoichi) is mostly inconsistent with what Yuuichi is supposed to be wearing.

And one thing I always wanted to mention is that when praising Shoichi on day 9, his sprite stays gigantic.

(2 edits)

Also, if I remember correctly, there is one word misspelling in Day 13 :P

"I little longer than I expected."

Correct I with A :P

Don't forget Tennis Ace Error Log btw :3

Day 11. When you visit Keisukes class with Jun. the main character has weare a Tanktop and then his uniform again.

so I downloaded the game and got to the dateable select? with the three dateable characters and noticed for me that shoichi only has three hearts? is this the fully updated version or no. if not I would like to have the downloaded files because all the ones I can see are public version 0.16A and update 0.17. plz help!! 

Also Fantastic game, loved the story development and JUN is so CUTE!!


Yes, Shoichi only has 3 CS (heart) events. The other characters have a couple more because for Shoichi, it really doesn't take that long for you (Yuuichi) to get on his good side.

0.17 is the latest version.

thanks for the help, but at the end of shoichi you don't see the party for his dad, yet when you do jun you keep hearing references to the party shoichi had and what came out of it like his sister turning up, which is one of things you have to choose. is this supposed to happen or is it the end of shoichis CS events.

Also if its not much trouble, what should you do to get the best results during shoichis CS. I went with pushing the guy on the rooftop back from kissing me. would something different happen if I didn't? 

Thanks for the help.

The party was added this update, so you shouldn't miss that when doing Shoichi's CS events. Jun's were last update. Are you sure you're on the latest version?

As for choices, they don't make a big difference as of yet. But you do get bits of different dialogue depending on what you choose. You might want to try different options if you're interested.

Yeah. As Airfan said, the current update was the one that added Shoichi's day 13 and the party. Are you sure you're playing the latest one?

Just download 0.17 for the Shoichi route :P

Your progress won't lose, don't worry :3

It was worth all the wait, good job with the update!! I really love all the work that you are doing with this game <3

Thanks. I hope you'll continue to play and enjoy the game in the future x3

Sure thing, this probably one of the best visuals novelw that i have ever played, and it only has 2 updates xD


Is there anyway we could get the original soundtrack of this game? It really is emotional to listening to it <3

Most of the tracks are actually CC-free tracks that were gotten online so I don't think I can be posting them as "original soundtrack"  ^^'

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