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Tennis Ace is a visual novel following in the more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art.

In the game, you follow the life of an 18-year old boy who aspire to become a professional tennis player at the end of his senior year in high school.

The game has three dateable characters, all of them being part of the protagonist's inner circle of friends.

Updates will be posted here 14 days after they have been posted on Patreon, with updates coming out monthly.

If you like the art in my project, consider checking out my artist's DeviantArt here!

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Published Feb 01, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsadult, furry, gay, tennis


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Tennis Ace 0.14 - PC Version
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Tennis Ace 0.14 - Android Version


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It doesn't allow any attempts to download. i click instal it goes to download for a second then nothing.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand.

You can't download? I've tested all three links on my end and they are working fine. I'm not sure what the problem is if that's the case? Maybe an instability with itch.io?

probably issues with itch. when i went to patreon from the website and ignored the itch site link option it downloaded eventually.

it may be just a single instance with mine or maybe itch issues i dont know, all i can say is the initial artwork is wonderful and due to being tired i will not be playing beyong a minute or so just to get a feel for the initial transition into the story wich seems nice. Good luck with the game and will follow its work in the future for now sleep.

I'm really enjoying the demo! However I just found an error on Day 12 - there's this one point during the tennis competition where an "exception" keeps popping up. I tried reloading the game and quitting but it keeps happening..


(Is this too late? sorry..) You need to choose Ignore to continue the Story

Eeep. The e-mails telling me about new messages were going straight to my spam box, oops.
Anyway, yeah, there was an error indeed. I have fixed it for the next demo ^^'


Question! I always have an error when i start either Jun's or Keisukes Story. :V and it usually closes my game, any help with that?

Me too! I tried to find a solution to this problem, but I didn't find anything 

That's because Jun and Keisuke weren't in the public demo yet. The only character whose character select days were made was Shoichi. Keisuke's portion is in the update that went public today and Jun's will be in the update that is gonna be posted for Patrons at the end of the month :p

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I'm not gonna lie - my initial impression on this wasn't too positive. In fact my first thoughts were something along the lines of: "Hoo boy, this is just a big amalgamation of bad anime clichés, huh? We've got the 'talented, but lazy' main character who is napping on the school rooftop, and he's waken up by his childhood friend etc. etc...". But as time went on the game really grew on me! There were definitely still some scenes that made me go: "Oh, I know where this is going.", but the story and characters were entertaining enough that I didn't really mind it. I'm really looking forward to the finished project!

Also, that one scene with Shoichi, the one in the alley during the rain? I might have teared up during that one. Maybe. Just a little.


Well, I'm not surprised that you thought this was a bunch of anime clichés. While it's true that I do embrace the genre, my initial intent was to start with something very clichéd and tropey and then try my hand at breaking the tropes. Of course, it might end up that I don't have the writing chops to pull it off perfectly, but my intent is that regardless xD
Still, I'm glad you didn't let your initial impression color your decision to play. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it in the future x3

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I’m so glad I came across this VN, It has easily knocked off other FVN’s spots. I cannot describe how quickly I got attached to this game, the first 15 minutes of gameplay instantly hit me, I knew damn well that this is going to be a good VN and I’m glad I was right. Man I really went on a Tennis Ace marathon for a couple of days. At home, at work and even on my daily commute, feeling every moment especially during the tennis quicktime reactions. (just to give you an idea of how quickly I got attached to this game) the plot and story is so thick and detail just how I like it, The characters are truly well developed, we know who’s the cheeky one, the bad chef, Mr. Anxious Pianist and Mr. Scared of cherry blossoms (I’m not saying any names but we all subconsciously figured out who it was).  As a French person living in Japan for year and a half, I can relate to it on a spiritual level. Especially Victor. 

Roughly speaking.  This is truly outstanding and remarkable. Although it is honestly a shame that it doesn’t get as much attention as other VN’s who doesn’t even compare. I asked at least 3 of my friends to try it out. I’m really anticipated for a next update, and best of luck because this VN has plenty of potential and a bright future ahead.

( I’d also would like to report some bugs and errors if you’re interested )

-Reiker <3

Really, man, thanks a lot. It really makes me happy to get such high praise and it makes me few like putting so much work into it really was worth it! As long as people enjoy the work I'm putting into it, I'm happy.

Now, hopefully the characters won't be defined by a single personality trait, I definitely want to make sure they are complex and look like real people (albeit with their own quirks xD).

Thank you for trying to get more people to try this, it's really nice of you. And, of course, if you'd like to report bugs or errors, feel free to! I'm doing my best to get rid of all of them during the Prologue tweaking and you just might help me find one that I've never known of before :3

will this be available for Android someday? I only have an android phone, and I'd love to play this as I love furry visual novels. It looks like lots of fun :)

Maybe someday. I'd have to learn how to export the game into Android first so I don't have an ETA on when, but it's something I'd like to try.

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Hey WOTB! 

I just finished the demo. I reaaaally loved it!

Great way to make funny scenes, It was really accurate to real life.

Wish I could play more,

By the way, The story, the art... really I loved it.

I guess this is my top 1 placing at my favorite visual novels I've ever played.

And it was great that you change Souichi's model... is it the right spelling?

But I fell in love with the old model... kinda suitable to his personality.

I'm looking forward to the next update,

Wish I could support you but... Currency here is really expensive,

From Philippines 52.00 pesos to 1.00$.

It will become 1000 pesos to turn in 10$

But really, I enjoyed it.

Thanks again,

- Zammics <3


Me: Hey! Can you please shut up?

Brain: Sorry TwT

Me: Yeah... please? XD

Howdy, I'm really glad you liked it x3
The demo was updated today to the latest build. Next public update should come out on the 14th of March as long as I'm able to push the next build out on time xD

I'm sorry you don't like Shoichi's new sprite so much but the change was really necessary :/ (this is how you spell his name btw :3)

Hopefully you'll learn to love him just as much as I do xD

And I'm okay with you not being able to support. I know that not everyone has the financial ability to do so x3


Just played until the end of the update and I have to say this game is beautifully done.  The art and writing are both absolutely perfect. The characters have depth, the dialogue is fun and feels realistic, and the story itself is engaging. 

I love visual novels and have probably played over 100 and this one has earned its place in my top 10 favorites and its still updating! I will be recommending this to a few friends. 

Wow, thank you. I don't even know what to say xD

It makes me happy to get such high praise. I'm really glad you liked the game. Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it as I write more of it! x3