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Tennis Ace is a visual novel following in the more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art.

In the game, you follow the life of an 18-year old boy who aspire to become a professional tennis player at the end of his senior year in high school.

The game has three dateable characters, all of them being part of the protagonist's inner circle of friends.

Updates will be posted here 14 days after they have been posted on Patreon, with updates coming out monthly.

If you like the art in my project, consider checking out my artist's DeviantArt here!

And if you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find my project's page right here!

Published Feb 01, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsadult, furry, Gay, tennis


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WOTB, are you working on this visual novel alone? Or do it together?


Have questions about this game:

First: Did you plan on having bad/good/perfect ending depending the choice you make after the Character Selection? If not, then will we only get the ending where [insert character here] and MC fall in love?

Second: How many 'game days' did you plan to have for each character?

Keep up the great work, WOTB! We will always wait patiently for your game!

Hello, WOTB! Great Game you Have Here. I have Finished with one of the Character Selects (Atleast the one thats shortest). And so far you have Made a LOT of progress. I cannot believe that this project was started a few months ago. I absoulutely cannot wait to Play the Next Update. So Cheers To you!

Good day WOTB! I wanted to tell you that I think your game is great and your work you put in there. I'm looking forward to it as the story continues. Draw the characters the emotions that come along just great. This game is very standout from the mass of visual novels, I've played a lot. But none other than ,,Blackgate from Bane,, has captivated me as much as your game! Great performance WOTB!


Hey WOTB! I'm sure this will come across as flattering, but I did make an itch.io account JUST to tell you how much potential this has over other visual novels. You already have time-sensitive decisions built in. (The rooftop for example) That's something I have NEVER seen in this kind of game. It makes the whole situation feel a lot more real. 

Shoichi is bae. Jun is precious cinnamon roll. And Kei is... Edgelord? I dunno. Keep up the amazing work!


This game is very good. But,why only the main characters can change expressions?  why the others cant't change their expressions? someona answer,Please...


I haven't gotten nearly all the assets done yet. Many characters are getting sprites drawn for them every month. Afterwards I still have to get CGs out of the way (I already have more than 10 just on the waiting list) and then expressions for the other characters. This kind of stuff takes a while ^^'

Oh, okay. we hope the next update can be better.



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I loved this game, i loved the creator. I followed the route of the Shoichi (love him), and would very much like an update.


Hehe, I'm glad you liked the game so much. It's really heartwarming to hear people talk about how they enjoyed <3
The update is out for patrons. It'll come out for the general public in about 10 days (14 days after Patreon release). Just bear it for a while longer, okay? x3

Okay i will!

I have a problem.... 

Whenever I download the android port it says that I have a problem on downloading even though there's no problem.

What kind of problem? Where are you downloading it from? Directly from itch? I've never heard of that problem before so I'm confused. Can you give me more details?

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I indeed download directly from Itch but whenever it is finished it always says that "the package...." something that I can't remember.I know this is not much of information but I kind of forgotten what it says. 

That's... really not much to go on. I can't say what's wrong with just that little information :c

Well I'll try again and see what happens.I will tell you the problem if there is. 

Well its okay now.I don't know what happened but I got it downloaded anyway thank you for taking your time to read this.And do your best as always. (PS. I cant wait for Shoichi's Route) 

just do it off the website. i cant download it directly from the app eithe


can’t wait till the next update arrives wonder what’s gonna happen next 


J u n b e s t b o i


Jun is so adorable he’s to pure for us ❤️


Will keisuke have any updates in the near future ?

I am 100% sure that he will have a update in the future. According to the dev that each character will have a central update around their route through out the development, so be patient and keep an eye out on it.

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Holy crap, first time playing the game (that I kept off from playing for a while, because you know... I like to watch anime, but now I regret putting it off) and I love it! There is so many happy moments and I just love all the characters! Can't wait for Shoichi update to come!

Good thing the game has given you a pleasant surprise. Much better than an unpleasant one xD
From the response I got on it from my patrons, I think you'll like the Shoichi update once it releases publicly :3


first of all dude your game is simply awesome,congrats. Second I became shoichi while the game turned into yuuichi(damn obsession). Third the story is really good. Lots of hilarious moments. Made me nervous when yuuichi was going to play against yuuya(GO YUUICHI). Fourth what i liked the most is that you explained the shots really good making it easy to understand for those who have never played tennis(you play?),now i miss playing it hehe and fifth GOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE,really addicting

P.S. keep up the godly work because this is a piece of heaven

First of all, glad you liked it!

I'm glad you liked the tennis sessions. I'm always afraid to put too much of them because I don't want anyone to get bored of the game, but I also want to be able to write those sessions since I like them so much x3

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I really enjoyed Juns day 13 update it was really funny and cute his family is really funny especially his dad I laughed so hard when jun was taking about seeing his dad naked all the time and juns parents spirtes look really good btw nice job with that WOTB  I’ll be looking forward to seeing more updates in the future but here a few quick questions If you don’t mind me asking when do you think we’ll see another update and will you predict it will be available do you plan on just finishing Juns route first? Or will you give each one of them an update one at a time? I’m fine with either one just take your time though no rush I just love what you’ve done with the game and it always leaves me wanting more  and I can’t wait to see what happens when the each of the love interests  fall in love with Yuuichi and also between Jun Shoichi and Keisuke which one was your favorite one to create? And I’ve been wondering what inspired you to create this game 

I like writing for all three of them equally. They're all fun characters in their own way x3
As for an inspiration... that's a secret for now xD

Could you tell us the height and weight of Jun, Shoichi, Keisuke and the MC? If i remember correctly it mentions once that Shoichi is 192 cm tall, but that's all i know.

MC: 183cm/83kg
Shoichi: 192cm/90kg
Keisuke: 178cm/80kg
Jun: 176cm/98kg

Is this game NSFW?

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According to the Dev, this game is NSFW.

But it is still in development, so no nsfw scene for now :D

You could check out more info in their Patreon.

I’m curious whose route will be your main focus and how far do you plan on taking each of the characters routes? 

I'm not exactly sure on what you mean by "how far". If you mean how far the relationships will progress, the routes will go all the way. Confession, dating and whatnot.
As for the main focus... well, that's a secret :p

Sorry that I hijacked the comment, but can you give us the patch note of all the version at here :P

I'll look into that. Thank you :3

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Dear WOTB, 

I have many questions about this game, Firstly it's freaking brilliant! I didn't know there was other games in a doki doki style.

Here are my Questions/comments:

1) Mainly In the part where the MC is sick he seems to be changing clothes a lot Is that normal? 

2) When I see stakeholder characters is that to make me imagine what they look like or are they coming later? EG: the coach

3) I tried looking online for the main characters full name and age (like jun etc) but it comes up with Mario tennis ace instead ( which is extremely annoying) Could you perhaps tell me them?

4) I see a lot of people calling this game a demo... Is it one or is that because it's not finished yet. If it's a demo will the full version be free?

5)I would like to try EA. Do you have a link?

6) I'm new to itch.io how do updates for this game work do I have to keep checking here or does it do automatically ?

8) Is Shoichi a wolf or a dog?

7) THANKS FOR CREATING THIS! I'm enjoying a lot it's adorable!

I know this isn't adressed to me but I would like to answer a few of your qestions/comments and give my opinions on some of the things you've commented on.

1) I've also noticed that some of the characters tend to change clothes a bit erratically sometimes. Also their images beside their spoken text occasionally don't match their on-screen appearance.

2) The placeholder characters come in male and female variations. The male placeholder is a silhouette of Ryoli while the female placeholder is a silhouette of Kyoko. So I don't think they indicate a characters official/final apperance.

3) We chould start up a fandom page or something about the game including pages on each of the characters and sift through the VN for the info. Jun's full name is Jun Kobayashi and is aged 19 years old.

4) It would appear that the VN isn't finished yet looking at the various placeholder images for some characters and how all the non-dateable chacters only have one image. Also, I too hope that it remains free to play.

5) If by "EA" you mean the visual novel Extracurricular Activities, here's a link to the itch.io page( https://dynewulf.itch.io/extracurricular-activities ).

6) If you follow a creator, new games they release and updates they post for their existing games should appear in your itch.io feed. So if you follow WOTB you should be notified about updates for Tennis Ace and be able to redownload the VN.

7) I've also enjoyed Tennis Ace. The humour was on point. There was a great variety of well-developed characters. The quick-time events spiced things up nicely (although you can kinda cheat by reversing time with scrolling). The sound track was amazing. You weren't kidding about the long prologue (took me two days to finish the prologue: but I'm a slow reader). I look forward to seeing it develop.

8) Shoichi is a husky dog. This is alluded to a number of times in the VN ("musky husky").

9) I would also like to add that the log is very buggy and that I would would like to see a credit page in game so I could look at who did what and lokk up their other work.

I'm glad you're able to reply to this! I understand the creator is really busy!

1) Do you think that will be fixed?

2)Who is Kyoko ? The cat? And Ryoli is the bear right? It's good to know we will see more art of the amazing characters we haven't seen.

3)What did you have in mind? Do you have any more full names and age of the characters? 

4)New question: Do you know when the path splits for each of the datable characters?

5)Thanks! New question: Which part is prologue and when does it end? (keep in mind I have not finished the game yet

6) When I update the game and re download it what happens to the save file? Will I have two games folders in my downloads? How do I know which to delete?

7)You mentioned the log being buggy what is the log?

8)When do we see "musky husky"?


I've been sick for the past week, but that's not really the reason I haven't answered before. Itch has an annoying tendency to not forward me e-mails about messages received... so I tend to not know about them until I either check my page out of curiosity or itch decides to finally send me something >.>

To answer your question thoughs:
1) Characters changing clothes out of the blue is definitely a bug. The wrong variable is being called for the character's clothing. Since the difference between variables is just a single letter (for instance, 's 1 u smile' is Shoichi's smiling sprite in uniform while 's 1 c smile' is him smiling in his casual clothes), those can sometimes be hard to spot. You can report the instances where that happened and I'll get to fixing it :3

2) Kyoko is one of the classmates. The cat that wears an unbuttoned school jacket with a pink shirt underneath. Ryoji is the bear who's always carrying a videogame around. And yeah, all characters with placeholder images will have sprites eventually!

3) Well, like the guy said, Jun Kobayashi is 19. There's also Shoichi Urata, 18; Keisuke Urushihara, 17; Yuuichi Michimiya (MC's default name), 18; Saya Mizoguchi, 18. There are lots of characters so I don't think I could list them all. Just tell me if there's any other character you're interested in knowing the full names and ages and I'll get back to you :p

4&5) The paths split at the end of the prologue. The prologue ends on Day 12. You'll know the prologue is over when you reach a character selection screen.

6) I don't quite know exactly how Ren'Py keeps save files but I know they're not kept at the game folder. You usually still have your saves even if you download a new version, unless I make a change that could cause saves to be incompatible (in which case I warn people that they'll need new saves).

7) I'm not quite sure either. I need more information on this.

8) Erm, my memory fails me a bit but I *think* it's on Day 7. Don't hold me to that :p

2) So does that mean the other minor characters will get more images?

3) We could make a bio page for each character that could include names, ages, genders, species, apperance descriptions, personality discriptions, and maybe some trivia or little secrets about them.

3.1) I'm just wondering who actually renames the MC in any VNs? I like to stick with the default names because I trust the writer to pick a good name for the MC and I suck at naming chacters.

4) The character selection portion of the VN is denoted by the CS in the top right corner (the day counter during the prologue).

4.1) Also another bug I found is that during Jun's character selection if you right click at the first dicision (usually to open the save menu) you're skipped forwards to the next character selection screen. After this occured I finished Jun's selection (filling in all the empty hearts) and was able to begin, but not quite finish, Kei's character selection. This doen't seem to be intended as when I replayed to the VN to get saves for the other characters, the character selection portion of the VN finished once I had completed one person's selection.

6) The save files for all Ren'Py games (at least for mac) are located at /Users/<username>/Library/RenPy where there is a folder for each game named by the VN name and its id separated by a hyphen (I don't know what the windows equivalent would be). So most of the time, new saves should not be needed unless the id or name is changed. Hence, when you redownload the game to update it, your old saves are usually still there.

7) The log is where recent dialogue is stored so dialogue can be reviewed even if rollback has been disabled or blocked. It's very useful for reading bits of dialogue that has been automatically skipped through (like when Jun starts really panicking). To access the log in Tennis Ace you just need to click the button on the bottom of the screen that has an open book on it.

2) Yes. I'm gonna be having as many assets made each month until I get everything I need. I'm still a ways away from getting all the assets for the Prologue even.

3) It's something to think about but at the moment I have other priorities x3

3.1) My boyfriend of all people always renames the MC. So do lots of other people I know, actually.

4.1) I'll attempt to replicate and fix this bug. Thanks for the heads-up.

7) But what's the bug with the log?

Thank you so much Do you know what characters are available to date currently? 

I forgot to mention the part where  the clothes change is when the MC falls ill and shoichi looks after him.  There was some other parts but I look into it when I play the game again. In fact you know when the game ask you who you should go home with is that the part where the pace spit or not?

Well, currently there is no dating yet because the story hasn't progressed into confession territory at the moment. We're slowly inching closer to it (as there is already demonstrated interest in the MC by the other characters). If you're asking which ones will be dateable, it's only Shoichi, Keisuke and Jun for the foreseeable future.

I'll also take a look at that part of the game to fix the changes in clothing.

And, like I said before, you'll know you've reached the point where the Prologue ends and the paths diverge for good when you get into a character selection screen. It'll have chibis of the characters for you to select them and all that. There's no missing it.

I really like this game! Just saw this while browsing through itch.io. I downloaded it and finished the whole demo playthrough in one day. I love all the characters especially Shoichi. The art is nice and the music was wonderful. One more question though: Is it going to be free or you are going to pay the money for it once it was released?


The game will be free on final release. I might think of doing otherwise on future projects but TA will definitely be free. My Patreon is just for people who like what I do and want to support me (as well as fund the project, since Patreon is the only way I can pay for the game's expenses).

wow I just barely started playing this game and over I’m really enjoying playing it I love all the characters I can’t decide which guy I want to date the most lol the art is really beautiful I love all the expressions the characters make they’re super exaggerated and it’s so funny  and the music is fantastic  too I think my fav part was hearing Jun play the piano when he was first introduced he plays it’s so well and so fast too it’s such a pretty piano  piece this game has such a great potential I can’t wait to see more great progress from this game keep up the great work and I’ll be sure to stayed tuned 

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game. I know not everyone is super into the anime style art but I'm glad you've enjoyed it x3

I play this game over and over again it's one of the best ones out there! Which route are you working on at the moment?

Main priority for this month is Jun's but I'm trying to see if I can release two routes (a double update) this month containing both Jun and Shoichi. I can't really promise I'll be able to but Jun is without a doubt going to be in this month's update.


Hey WOTB quick q what gave you the idea of making tennis Ace? Also I really love your game.

Aww, thanks :3

And, well, I really like the sport so I just wanted to write a story about tennis, I suppose. I also thought it was a premise no one had ever done before (a VN about an MC that plays tennis), not knowing that Extracurricular Activities existed lol

I've learned a lot more about tennis from this than EA.

well Keisuke's route gave me a theory about EA and this being in the same Universe

How do you see it related to EA at all? There's no universe relation at all, in fact humans don't exist in TA.

The only relation between the two projects is that Dyne and I know each other lmao
Vic is correct, humans don't exist in my game's world.

Although I'm curious. What was this theory of yours? I kinda want to know now xD

(4 edits)

well you made a little mistake of the book for Alex instead of Furries its Human and this to take in diffirent countries like EA being in America And this being in Japan also I noticed some of EA assets came from  here like the background being the same like the Amusement Park scene this theory can be taken  in a different timeline ,(sorry I suck a English)

Also If this  doesn't have  humans that HISTORY book should  have a different description and any of the  character shouldn't know a human exist

It's not like any assets came from each other's games. We just use stock photos for our assets and ended up getting the same source image for the park background :p

As for the history book, I used the term "human blood" more as a way to point out that it was the blood of a "humane"/civilized creature. Although that might have been confusing so I'll look for a way to change that which still makes sense.

(1 edit)

I actually like both games and heck I can't stop imagining to how cute would if Jun and Darius play the piano and see perverted lion and a pure tiger meet awkwardly ^^°


Eventually there will be NSFW. At the moment the story hasn't reached that point yet :p

Hello , thankyou so much for your demos . They amazed me everytime I played it. Will you have any update on Keisuke route/charactor or prolouge ? It kinda seems a little bit short for me. Because in the final screen you said " this is it for Keisuke route..." and I wanted it to be a bit longer than the previous version ( 0.14 version) . Thank you so much and have a great day !☺😊


Schoichi is amazing by the way ( I kinda feel like you put a little bit more effort on him than others ? )

Keisuke's route isn't done. When I say that "this is it", I mean that this is it for now. I've only finished the prologue, the routes haven't even started yet xD

And, nah, I don't put any more effort on Shoichi's route. He just happens to have more intimate interactions with the MC because he knows him for longer and his relationship already is by default more advanced. Don't worry, the others will get there too :p

Thankyou so much. And by the way , how's your day going ? How's the progress going ? Wish you the best of the best !😊(sorry for my bad english , I am not really good at writings , )

Ps when will the next demo comes out ? 

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Hello I tried to download the game via itch and it starts to install but after a second it stops. I was wondering if this is an ongoing problem for anyone else or if this is just only me? I really want to play the game since it looks so good and well developed but I can not due to this problem. 

I have the same issue when downloading from the Itch.io app. I had to download the game on the actual website instead of the launcher.

Ah alright I will try that instead, thank you.

Can you tell me if that worked for you? I don't use the itch.io app so I didn't even know it had one at all ^^'

I did try to find the site but I can not get it to work for me even with moving everything to a blank folder, sorry I can not find the solution to the problem. Hopefully itchio gets something worked out so the download can commence.

One of my favourite games right now. I absolutely love all the routes but am keen on Shoichi's route. Are you going to have them kiss or do something because I'd be screaming

Well, yeah, there is gonna be romance. We just haven't reached that yet xD


Holy shit this is such a great game, i love how you go into detail in explaining things and the visuals look great. I really love shoichi's route and i hope you update it soon :)

If possible, I'll update it this month. It'll depend on whether I can get two characters updated in one month or not xD

Hey there. I'm getting an exception in the new update.

Exception: Parameter 'new widget' is not known by ATL Transform.
CS_Jun7.rpyc, line 268

Can't look into the file because you have hidden them from plain sight but it looks like the scene change there is somewhat broken.

Anyway though, thanks for the new stuff. I really appreciate your work.

CS_Jun7 has an error at line 268, scene is being called with fdis as opposed to being called with a fade, errors out the game. That's what the issue is.

It's actually because I use a custom transition (called fdis) for expression change and it needs to be called using the command "at" instead of the command "with". In this case, I probably slipped up and used 'with' instead.

Yep, that is probably why changing fdis to fade also works to stop the error at least, the fdis was being called using with.

Sorry if I'm being a bother, but if I'm correct it's been 15 days since the last Patreon update.

Yes, you're right. I was supposed to have updated the public demo last night but I was so tired I ended up passing out on my bed. Sorry about that ^^'
The public demos have already been updated!

(1 edit)

This demo is so  good !  You have a real talent for writing dialogues and speeches, the characters are endearing and very human. I may have quickly become attached to Shoichi, but the other characters haven't become nuisances and participate in the warmth that is radiating from this VN. The whole thing has a lot of potential and I hope you will continue to impress us! ( small credit for Shoichi to whom I wish an update x) )

Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the game x3
Shoichi really does seem to attract a lot of attention (much more than I expected, in fact xD). I'm working to try and get two characters updated this month but I'm not yet sure if that will work out. I guess we'll see :3

when's the shoichi arch gonna be updated?, hes character is so freaking good he grew on me so fast

If I can get two characters updated this month like I want to, at the end of this month. Otherwise, Jun will be the one getting the solo update and Shoichi will be for next month.

When will there be another soichi update?

I want to know because I like his character

I have the Android platform

Sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason itch is no longer sending me e-mails when I get messages in here...
Anyway, I'm trying to see if I can release two character updates in a single month. My priority for this month is Jun (because I want to release updates in the order of Jun > Shoichi > Keisuke) so if I'm not able to do two characters at once then he'll be the one getting an update. Otherwise, Shoichi might get one at the end of the month.

cool, thank you :)

It doesn't allow any attempts to download. i click instal it goes to download for a second then nothing.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand.

You can't download? I've tested all three links on my end and they are working fine. I'm not sure what the problem is if that's the case? Maybe an instability with itch.io?

probably issues with itch. when i went to patreon from the website and ignored the itch site link option it downloaded eventually.

it may be just a single instance with mine or maybe itch issues i dont know, all i can say is the initial artwork is wonderful and due to being tired i will not be playing beyong a minute or so just to get a feel for the initial transition into the story wich seems nice. Good luck with the game and will follow its work in the future for now sleep.

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