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Tennis Ace is a visual novel following in the more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art.

In the game, you follow the life of an 18-year old boy who aspire to become a professional tennis player at the end of his senior year in high school.

The game has three dateable characters, all of them being part of the protagonist's inner circle of friends.

Updates will be posted here 14 days after they have been posted on Patreon, with updates coming out monthly.

If you like the art in my project, consider checking out my artist's DeviantArt here!

And if you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find my project's page right here!

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsadult, furry, Gay, Tennis


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WOTB, about the vocals of keisukes song. i noticed you said you weren't too happy with the way you hyped his voice up then presented him singing with "mediocre vocals" (not trying to say you sung bad though-)  and, well i'd be more than happy to try for keisuke's song if you would like to change his voice in the future. I've been singing for nearly eight years and i have a vocal range of G2-D5 and would be happy to at least record singing it then somehow send it to you, though i don't have the best mic and would have to find a good one first. And no, i'm not going to ask you to pay anything if that's something that crossed your mind. though I am 15, I have the confidence that i can sing pretty good. I would love to hear back from you, WOTB and will get back to you as soon as i can, since i'm gonna be busy with school and such.  I'm sorry if i came off as rude or cocky in any way, that was not my intention. But anyways, let me know soon please!  ^^


This VN pulled me into the whole ordeal.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Looking forward to many more!

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Thank you for such a wonderful game! Can’t wait for updates

I' m having a problem in the beginning of the game, I can't put my nickname and I don't know how to solve it

(Sorry for bad english)


i need more, everything is soooo cute, and i know you're busy but literally i might as well be breathing for these updates i love how well made and thought out they are. more content for this slightly addicted player lol


Still waiting for Jun~ omo


make a Haruki route x)


Yeah you are right, that could be very funny. But, that also requires much work doesn't it ?

true true

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My question at the 0.27 : Why did you say (Adult VN) there no sex scenes.

My question at the 0.29 : Why did the Yuuichi's dick is only 4 cm ?


Great job on the new updates. These are perfecly done. Thank you for all of your hard work. Also, if I can add a suggestion, it would be good to add some emotions to Haruki. Even if he is grumpy all the time, I think it would be good. But anyway, thank you... just, thank you. (I don't have any other words.)


I literally had to create a account here just to say how amazing this is! Such a great game! I just.... Wow.....

How do I update the game do I need to download a new update file or it automatically update for me?


Yuu and Sho finally made love😍😍😍 I loved every moment of this update and of the visual novel as a whole up to this point. Not gonna lie, was really hoping heYuu would finally say "I love you" to Sho while they were doin it, but it was still absolutely fantastic regardless. I even had Britney Spears' song "Breathe On Me" playing in the background, and it made it that much hotter. I'm loving this VN more and more. I'm hoping it continues to the point where Yuu and Sho get married and officially start the rest of their lives together. Great work as always😄 I eagerly look forward to the next update. And who knows? Maybe this VN could become a comic series like Jackaloo'so "The Internship" and Zeta-Haru'so "The Weekend". I'd definitely pay for a comic series of Tennis Ace😊 thanks again for another awesome update dude. Fantastic work as always😄

As for improvementa or fixes, right towards the end of the current update on Sho's route, there's some parts where it sorta freezes for several seconds when tapping to advance dialogue, in the parts when they're in Yuu's bed before they fall asleep, and I kept praying that the VN wouldn't up and crash. It's probably a minor bug, but I just thought I'd let you know☺


This update was amazing. I almost cried when it came to the end.


I just finished the new day for Shoichi and I LOVED IT! I've been waiting for what happened in the story to happen ever since they became a couple. Great job!

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Does anyone know when the new update will come out?


Actually its today, but i dunno maybe basky is busy or something. 😁 MAYBE tomorrow but i dunno as well so...maybe we just wait??

Ohh that's  great thanks

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Dear Mr. Wotb,

Would your game include 18+ toys when the MC and one of the date able characters do 18+ stuff?

I was just wondering but I feel like the heart event for Shoichi was just too short. Maybe you should add one more heart to it to make it into 4 hearts instead of 3. This part is the second part that I enjoyed the least cause it feel too non-realistic and it just makes it stand out, because for the majority of you game it gives of a realistic vibe which is a reason why I enjoy your game.

Maybe you can have that heart event day be someone confessing to Shoichi and the MC over heard it and feels jealous and acts awkward around Should for the rest of that day (of course this has to take place before Haruki tells the MC about Sho`s obsession over him).


when will 0.29 come out?


Where all WAITING



If the public release is 14 days after the Patreon release, wouldn't that be today?


Here in Philippines it's already aug 14, on basky's place, it already 14 too so.... Let's just wait little more


I really like the title screen music. I sometimes leave the game open just listen to it while I read

Also, it's unnerving and hilarious how similar Jun is to my boyfriend.


Isnt the title screen song called two together by Kevin macleod.

Huh, so it is. Oh well, still nice to listen to.


Hey everyone i created a Tennis Ace Discord server! over 46 emotes from the game. Come join! i even got retweeted by basket himself! http://twitter.com/BaskyCase/status/1128154597632151552

Can you post a new invite in the thread on Twitter? I'd love to join, but the invite expired.

emm..iam just going to ask..will the next shoichi update the NSFW...up..date??

Just asking

Perhaps, it is 18+ after all

It should be, as welp, WOTB tweeted that it is not coming on the currently latest Sho update, so it should be this one.

So I have it on my computer, but yesterday I got the Android version for my phone, but it won't let me get past the choose your name screen. Can anyone help? 

I got the same problem here with all visual novels. I use more than 1 idiom in my keyboard and dunno why,but using some idioms makes it that when I press enter the novel doesn't starts,so I just need to change the idiom. Usually only the keyboard with the main idiom of the device works. If u r using 2+ idioms on ur keyboard try it

...Idiom? As in, the language if the keyboard?


I had the same problem. To get past that, you just have to finish the last name with a space.

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Thank you so much!!

hmm on patreon shoichi update in on the july 31st does that mean the public update will come out on the 14 th of august ?


lol, my birthday present is my boyfriend

Aug 1 at 5:51am

 Update 0.29 - Shoichi

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When  is come out the public versión?

Why you ask me about that? Anyway, i think, tomorrow afternoon or evening.

every time i try to install it on windows it says there is a corrupted file an i cant play it ;( does anyone know how to fix it?

Deleted post
Deleted post

Creator you might want to check out the creator LustGamesAndroid on Itch as your game is on their page. It's not the only game from a different creator on their page. Not sure if you know this and/or have given permission for.


I have never been this excited to see more from a furry VN. Absolutely love everything about it.

Beautiful! So beautiful! I love the art! I wish I knew if there was a way to download the soundtrack! This game is stunning, I await every update with bated breath!



this is the best game ive played for furries ever, Sho is the best. please keep up the amazing work your doing and i cant waght to see what happens next


Aaah. I love this game ssssoooooo much. And I think I Fall in love with keisuke.(dont cry...dont cry.... Puh It's hard not to cry...) 


I need more Juuun, my chest aches for that cute little tiger. Can wait for the next update!

I'm too. 


Just got done with the Shoichi path, and my chest genuinely aches from getting to the end of what has currently been made. Please keep up the absolutely phenomenal work, and I just can't wait to see more days added to the Shoichi path. I am actually going to cry if the path doesn't continue, haha.


Even as I write this, I'm actually having to fight so hard to not cry out loud. I just need to see more of Yuuichi and Shoichi after day 21...It just can't end like this. 

I know EXACTLY how you feel. This is my favorite path, and how it ended nearly made my heart break

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Needs more Jun! rEEEEEEEEEEE~! <3

I really love this VN~ *sobs joyfully*


I know right. He is by far my favorate! (probably bacause I spent most my time with him.)

Jun is like so precious that I just wanna snuggle him closely and protect that big boyo~ TwT

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Wait whens the next content update for Jun, plz i need info.            Plz.


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18? Months? Days?

Or is it an 18+ nsfw update

I think it comes out on the 17th

Ok cool thanks!

Update was 4 july, public version 18 july.

Wow, Its been so long I didn't came here for a few month... Did I miss something?


I've been loving Tennis Ace for a while now, WOTB has done a wonderful job. But I wanted to know if there are any VNs similar to it to tide me over while I wait for the next update.

In terms of quality, I'd recommend you give Password a try (PASSWORDVN on Patreon) and Adastra (echogame on Patreon). Extracurricular Activities (dk999) has a similar premise but it's very different on its focus and it's more of a dating sim than a visual novel, but those should keep you covered in the meantime.

Hey wotb will you add the new song to ur soundcloud I rly wanna add it to my playlist and also it would be amazing if u added some of the covers u alr made in the game they are pretty amazing


i'm having an issue. i'm trying to download the game but it says that there's an incompatible third party. the thing is, i've downloaded it on this computer before. i just don't understand why i could download it before but now i can't. i've spent almost an hour trying to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it, but i can't find anything. i have the thing enabled on mac where i can download stuff from external developers, but it always says that it's incompatable. and i'd like to state again, i have had this game on this computer before but i had to reset the whole computer. and also again, i'm using macOS. does anyone know how to fix this?

I have the same problem but I'm using windows. I just cant seem to find a fix for this also.

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Thanks for changing the tennis balls size wotb!


I'm LOVING the new sprites! Aki especially looks really good in this new update! This VN is really coming along; I love it

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