Version 0.37 - Public Release


Here you guys go: Jun's latest update is now live for the general public. Hope you guys will enjoy this one!

Here is the list of changes:

  • Days 25 and 26 added to Jun's route
  • New art

Hope you guys will like and thanks again for playing. If you liked the game, consider supporting me on Patreon, it's what pays my bills as well as completely fund the development of the game x3

See ya~


Tennis Ace 0.37 - Android Version 378 MB
Apr 17, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.37 - Mac Version 335 MB
Apr 17, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.37 - PC Version 352 MB
Apr 17, 2020

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I just realized on Jun's day 24 it sorta foreshadows this updates end and just I can't. It was such a small comment that was made, I did not even notice the first time I did his route. 

Could you let me know which route or part? I'm very curious now


It is Jun's route day 24, at lunch when they are talking about him needing to pay more attention. Yuuichi is the one that says the line. It may not be intentional foreshadowing, it may just be a badly placed coincidence.

No, I don't think it's just a coincidence, the creator totally knew what he was going for


The writing in this update is masterful as usual, but the ending is just the perfect touch to where I had to comment on it. Huge props on pulling off such a plot point so smoothly, I'm very much looking forward to see your work on other bad endings :P (and even more so how the rest of the stories will fan out with the good endings!)

i see all the comments and now im scared to play this update

..did you play it?

Nope, i think i will wait for the next update and then play i


Next update is equally sad, depending on your choices :') I think day 25/26/27 will be shocking for each love-interest

Could also be a coincidence, since you have to be on a specific path on the Shoichi route to be bad, but on the Jun route it doesn't matter, it will always be the same.


Who needs taxis?

Oh God XD

Missing 2 Images...Page 2 and Page 4 image 6. Anyone can tell me how to get them?


Page 2 image 6 is day 10 w/ Shoichi
page 4 image 6 is day 26 w/Keisuke

Sorry if I'm too late with the reply!

I am upset at this evil cliff hanger, and im more upset from what is either a coincidence or foreshadowing from shoichi's route for it

If you're talking about when Yuuichi told Jun to be careful not to walk into oncoming traffic, then it's most likely intentional


...does not compute...(incoherent sputters)...not exactly sure who to be irritated at right what if we wanted "new art" to be happy art :(


This cliffhanger is too much for me man. I cant wait for the next Jun update. PLS LET THE NEXT JUN UPDATE BE A WHOLESOME ONE BRUH

OMG!!!!!! DUDE! i can't wait for the next update!

I cry when i finish it, I cant believe what happened. I hope the next Jun update will be a happy one.

well..... that happened.

lmao, what an update wtf


Can't wait to play,  WOTB. Really excited for this update : )