Version 0.43 - Public Release


I'm bringing the latest update for you guys right now. Just finished running through the entirety of the typo log, fixing all the backlogged errors registered in there!

Important disclaimer: In case there is any issue that causes older player saves to stop working, there really is nothing that can be done about that. Sometimes, changes are made to the code that makes some/all old saves stop working and I can't avoid making them at times. If that happens, use the 'Skip to Next Choice' function (alongside Skip Unread if needed) to get to the point where you stopped.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Day 28 added for Jun
  • New art

Hope you guys will like and thanks again for playing. If you liked the game, consider supporting me on Patreon, it's what pays my bills as well as completely fund the development of the game x3

See ya~


Tennis Ace 0.43 - Mac 354 MB
Oct 24, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.43 - PC 371 MB
Oct 24, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.43 - Android 395 MB
Oct 24, 2020

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Fantastic job, I've been supporting you since day one because your VN is one of my most favorites! The attention to detail in each character's route is awesome, each scenario is amazing and each route affects the storyline  and MCs development  differently! I've loved Tennis Ace from the first time I downloaded and played it and I still feel the same way now! Keep up the fantastic work! ^_^ 

I noticed Haruki have more sprites now. nice


Ever since Jun's 26th day, I've been going back and seeing just how many potential times he was being "manipulative": playing up is cuteness, acting more dense than he really is - not just to MC, but to everyone. It's both sad and fascinating. 

Also, I've heard about occasions where a severe injury that doctors said were impossible to recover from managed to be healed, or injuries managed to take a far shorter time to heal than usual. (My Dad had an injury that was supposed to take two years to heal - healed in six-ish months.) Given MC's fitness and the support from his friends and family, I think he does have a bit more of a chance to fully recover than normal. His (our) decisions may influence this.

aaaaaa too much pressure!! jeezuz i want my preciouse jun boi to have a gud lifeee <3


I wiped my game so I could re-organise my saves, and watching Shoichi's eyes when you're talking about the confession (now that I've played each of the routes) is fucking painful.

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Yep. The shine lost in his eyes. The vacant stare. Oof. Knife to the heart.

I'm actually scared to see how he reacts when he learns MC and Kei-kun have been getting frisky.


I've been waiting for this update ever since the previous Jun update, seriously can't wait to play it! Definitely my favorite route. Also hope it doesn't end on a cliffhanger XD


oh my god i can't stop crying for what happened and i didn't notice feelings will get really really emotional of main character who will never going to have the chance to become a very good tennis player ....i really want to know what happens next this emotion is going crazy in jun and also the main character...please i really need to know more....please i really really really want to know what happens next i don't know if you can get through it or not both the tiger and the main character my head is going crazy right now i don't know what to do i really want to know what happens when it well show  the end... ahahahah


hearts hearts hearts!