Version 0.45 - Public Release


I'm bringing the latest update for you guys right now. Just finished running through the entirety of the typo log, fixing all the backlogged errors registered in there!

Important disclaimer: In case there is any issue that causes older player saves to stop working, there really is nothing that can be done about that. Sometimes, changes are made to the code that makes some/all old saves stop working and I can't avoid making them at times. If that happens, use the 'Skip to Next Choice' function (alongside Skip Unread if needed) to get to the point where you stopped.

Important disclaimer 2: Specifically for this update, there is the issue that I had to compile it using a different computer than usual. While it *should* be mostly fine, the problem is the way Ren'Py compiles for Android. It requires the creation of a special Android Key that is saved on the Ren'Py folder of your computer. Since that key contains all the metadata for the game and I don't have it on this computer, Ren'Py will basically not recognize it as the same game as previous versions. Because of that, previous save games and gallery information won't be loaded in this version. I'm very sorry for this.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Day 30 for Keisuke
  • A new art piece for Jun's piano competition on day 9
  • New sprite, expressions, and outfits for Alexander

Hope you guys will like and thanks again for playing. If you liked the game, consider supporting me on Patreon, it's what pays my bills as well as completely fund the development of the game x3

See ya~


Tennis Ace 0.45 - Android 395 MB
Dec 30, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.45 - Mac 354 MB
Dec 30, 2020
Tennis Ace 0.45 - PC 372 MB
Dec 30, 2020

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IT FINALLY INSTALLED!! Now I can play it on my phone and not my gfs lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿฅณ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

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I love keisuke's route out of everyone else he's just so damn cute and I can somewhat relate to him well time to wait another 3 months until his next update which I don't mind the wait it keeps you on edge on what will happen next and it gets your mind thinking of scenerios that could go on in the next update I really love how basket writes his story and how much time he puts into these characters and there story I hate it when he leave it on cliffhangers ๐Ÿ˜ญ but everyone does when it comes to a charachter you like or love lmao but it gets you excited for the next update and what will happen next I had to play the update on my gfs phone smh since it doesn't want to install on mine even tho I got rid of a ton of shit to get storage on my phone just to try and install the update for keisuke (that is how much I love this character ๐Ÿ˜‚) but it was a really good update but a really sad one to yuuichi lost the trust of alex to keep keisuke safe and unharmed alex trusted yuuichi and that he would not hurt keisuke but then he sees a bruise and sees that yuuichi has hurted keisuke and now has lost trust in yuuichi I just hope that yuuichi can gain alex's trust back it made me cry along with yuuichi and I didn't even notice I was crying (and it takes a lot of shit to make me cry) knowing he had hurted keisuke and keisuke doesn't even mind it cause he thinks its was his fault and that yuuichi was knocking some sense into him not thinking that his intamate partner had punched him in the face when yuuichi shouldn't have its really sad when you think about it keisuke has been living at the estate for most of his life and has been so messed up by the way he has been raised that he blames himself think that yuuichi didn't do anything wrong and thinking he had did something wrong and deserved it and that yuuichi didn't do anything when in truth it was wrong for yuuichi to punch keisuke and he knows it and feels guitly for it and understand why alex doesn't trust him anymore because he had hurt keisuke and doesn't want Keisuke around yuuichi without himself being there hopefully by  the next few updates for keisuke alex has atleast a little bit of trust in yuuichi again :(


This was very long


Dude... is there no period marks?


Keisuke is by far my favourite character/route... He's so goddam ADORABLE

God, what a rollercoaster... I was sooooo surprised and happy when I saw Alex with so many espressions and with that cool outfit! It makes everything seem so much more alive! Then, I was even happier when I saw Alex laughing and opening up to Yuuichi and Aki, it was really sweet, as I've always wanted to see Alex act more normally and stuff, and not so stern all the time. Then, when Yuuichi was at practice, i was really happy again about his revelation about tennis, and seeing how happy everyone else was about it too. Everything was fine and dandy, and when Alex showed up and wanted to talk to Yuuichi, I was getting really excited because who knows what he wanted to talk about, I wasn't expecting to be something bad or anything, but when he said about the bruise I literally froze and felt cold, like I was in that situation. What a turn of events from seeing everybody laughing together and being really happy to this... Literary wanted to die in that moment. After that OF COURSE it had to end on a cliffhanger lol. It's an endless cycle of updates ending in a cliffhanger, then me waiting anxiously for 3 months for the next one, then getting another cliffhanger. So yeah, needless to say, it will be another 3 painful months lol. I just hope that Alex somehow finds Yuuichi at least somewhat trustworthy in the end, although I don't think I or Yuuichi will be able to look at him the same. I used to love him so much as a character, especially when he showed his softer side, but I think all of that is gone now, and I'm honestly really sad. Because again, I loved it so much seeing everybody including Alex having so much fun together and just simply enjoying themselves, but I dunno if that'll ever happen again. I understand that Alex's outburst completely justified, and that the violence was brushed off too easily, it makes total sense, and in a way, I'm kinda glad it's addressed, but I'm still so sad about how it happened... Not that it was written badly, quite the contrary in fact, it was written amazingly, and me being upset about it shows how much you got me attached to the characters and how you're making me have FEELINGS with your amazing writing. Happy New Year, and excuse me, I'll go cry and eat ice cream now XD

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The relationship with Kei-kun it's my favorite one... Yuu seems to enjoy it since the beginning of it, and accepted more naturally than in the others routes. The MC is always so bashful and self awareness but in this route he seems more concern about been in love, and in the others, looks like he is more concern about of who they are.

I'm a little bit confuse with day 29 and 30...  the outburst could be avoidable somehow?

Is this the same outburst involving Alex and the bruise of was located upon Keisuke's face ?

If so, I too were curious as to if there were a series of paths that could be taken to possibly intercept this......'adverse fortune', and to postpone if not completely avert it from taking place.

Oh and, I merely forgot to mention that my heart practically stopped on the institution of the interrogation. Gave me the utmost awful fright-

Yaay! Can't wait to play it!


deym I might reread keisuke's route just to see the new alex expressions. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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3 main points with this update:

1.) Honestly, Keisuke has been the character that I've been least invested in so far, but funnily enough Alex showing so much emotion this update actually got me a lot more invested than before (maybe it's becaue Yuuichi can actually do something about Alex distrusting him compared to Keisuke's family politics)

2.) Did...did Yuuichi really just internal monologue "you sure you're human" about Keisuke the very-much-not-human? Do humans even exist?

3.) I'm not sure if this is a new addition or just one I never noticed before, but the tennis trivia bit at the top is kinda hidden by the UI

Bonus Point.) Was that a D&D elf reference from Yuuichi? If so, when then hell did he have time to play D&D with his time management abilities

About your second point, i can say Humans existed in this world, or still exist. We don't see any human and they barely get mentioned so maybe humans are still alive.
A proof that humans existed was as you go with Keisuke to the relicstore.
But i can't talk for WOTB in that matter.


Seeing Alex look straight down threw me off guard for a second - seeing him glare at me knowing that I hurt Keisuke is even worse. I really hope I can prove to Alex I can be someone with whom Keisuke can be safe.

Also, thanks for that new Jun art!


Its also not installing or updating for me(Android)

Cant really tell you why. I installed and tested it on my phone before release and it worked normally.

when I try installing the update, it says "app not installed". 

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That's most likely because you don't have space. I got this error many times on my old phone.

Could also be the settings, maybe your phone doesn't allow installing apps from external sources

I don't think it's that. I have enough space and I'm able to download other FVS. The error only came with this update.

Then I guess uninstall the update you already have installed

The Android version isn't installing for me. I even deleted the game and it still won't install. It just gives the message, "App not installed".

This is likely to do with your phone settings. It installs and runs just fine on mine, tho I do have it configured to allow installation of software from external sources.

(2 edits)

It isn't installing Is it installing for anyone else who uses Android or is it just not installing in general for anyone? Could you please let me know if it does or doesn't for you 

It didn't install for me either (I have Android). 

Tah gay

Excuse me?

A pity. I just got a new android device.