Failing to Deliver Notifactions?

Hey there everyone,

I'm gonna make this a super quick post. I've been getting told for a few months now that my devlogs and file updates on Itch haven't been notifying subscribers and followers even though everything seems to have been set up correctly for it? Which is also weird, because for years, that never used to be a problem?

So I'll make this really simple: if you've gotten notified of this devlog or the one with the release of update 0.56, please write a comment on here letting me know. If you didn't get notified and came across this devlog elsewhere, let me know as well.

Depending on the response I get here, I'll contact Itch support to try and figure out what might be going on.

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E-mail notification but not on my itch feed page


I did get an e-mail notification. I just checked my feed on this site (the little bell), and none of your 3 devlogs are there. 


Email notification. Still not visible from my feed


Only email for me


Only email notification, nothing on the feed.

No notify via feed. Email only.


I was notified by email, but the devlog never appeared in my feed. 

sorry, no notificacions for the last 2 updates including this one.

I didnt get a notification in my feed but weirdly i got an email from itchio where it showed your updates/notifications. 

There is no notification in my feed, although it did show up in the "New updates from projects you follow" emaiI later.

Same for me

no notification for a few updates, maybe from around 0.50


Nope, and I always found that super weird and it has happened to me for a long time now where I would need to go to the page manually to see if there is an update rather than having a notification that there is one but I always thought it was just me lol ^^;