Version 0.29 - Public Release


Here we go, Shoichi's new update is now public! Hope you guys will enjoy spending more time with this big lug. He definitely seems to have won some hearts over time ;3

Here is the list of changes:

  • Day 22 added for Shoichi
  • New artwork added

Hope you guys will like and thanks again for playing. If you liked the game, consider supporting me on Patreon, it's what pays my bills as well as completely fund the development of the game x3

See ya~


Tennis Ace 0.32 - Android Version
Apr 15, 2018
Tennis Ace 0.32 - Mac Version
Feb 01, 2018
Tennis Ace 0.32 - PC Version
Feb 01, 2018

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Know this is a bit late but was wondering why there are a limited for save files while other renpy games have the ability to scroll forward beyond the limit. Just curious.


I know this is a couple days late but, thank you for the update! Happy to spend the last few hours of my birthday with my boyfriend. But anyways please keep up the work! I love seeing all the routes and growing closer to all of my dream bfs!

Oh my, oh my !! I wasn't expecting this but wow, I'm impressed. You done really good job there. Can't wait to see more of Shoichi's route <3